Hancock County in WWII


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Photographic assistance was provided by Robert Williams, Gary Twiford and Matthew McHugh.


As your author has been publishing HANCOCK NEWS, an internet news medium for Hancock County, Indiana, in recent days, an avalanche of deaths of World War II veterans has become apparent. That of a gentleman named Robert Edwards precipitated this book. The sad fact is that the boys and girls who served in World War H are dying off fast. Our concern is that their memory may also be forgotten. This book is intended to recall what we still can about the events during the days of World War II.


On a recent Doe Creek Elementary School day trip to Washington D.C. 8th grader Andrea Sanders took the  photo to the left of the famous Iwo Jima statute which says exactly what this series is about.




An 18 Year Old Greenfield Boy Torn up by Shrapnel, Jack Haydock .15
A Proud Marine Who Helped Re-Take the Marshall Islands 17
Bradley Hunt, A Greenfield Boy, Killed in Action in Holland ..18
Dennis Kingen Was A POW in a German Prison Camp...19
James Hudson Saw Fighting in Luzon...21
Lt. Carl New Was an Artillery Officer...25
Murray Wiggins Recovered From Injuries in England ..26
William Frost, Died of Japanese Sniper Fire ..28
A WWII Letter from Billy Joe Barnhart Written on the U.S.S. Mendocino .30
John Colwell, Airman and Nazi POW.... 33
Charles Heck Imprisoned Over a Year in Vienna by Germans .37
Virginia Dickinson Was Our First Spar in the Coast Guard During WWII 38
A Mt. Comfort Boy and Belly Gunner Who Got Himself Captured 40


Robert Arnold, Air Lifter 43
A Paratrooper in WWII, Walter Maynard......47
WWII Hero Norris Brooks Won a Bronze Star...48
Dr. Robert Kuhn, Fabled Surgeon Who Honed Skills in the Battle of the Bulge... .51
Greenfield Mayor's Son Goes Off to War: Bill Eikenberry ...55
A Soldier Whose Leg Was Blown Off in Battle.58
A Marine Mechanic in the Iwo Jima Battle .59
Carl Sanders was a Marine Who Suffered Malaria From His Service in WWII 61
American Forces Had a Major Confrontation with Mosquitoes ...62
A Hancock County Kid at Guadalcanal: A WWII Letter from Clyde Sanders ..63
One Hundred Twenty Days on Guadalcanal ...66
A Watchtower on Apple Street, Greenfield in WWII on the Search for Enemy Aircraft ..71
Richard Miller, Pilot Who Ferried Troops to War Zone ..74
Paul Davis Was Injured in North African Campaign ..75


A Note About the Location Where the County's Irreplaceable Collection of WWII Servicepersons' Photos Have Been Hanging Over the Years .79
Warren Griffith, 22, Never Made It Home from WWII .81
Wayne Jacobs Toured Europe with Patton's Tank Army ..84
Three Sets of WWII Twins .85
Glenn Mattingly Was a New Pal Vet 88
An Enlistment in the Wrong Branch .88
A Maxwell Boy Who Died on Mindanao ...88
Jack Breese Wounded in Belgium 91
A Poem By a WWII Soldier to His Mother 92
Merle Andrews' Victory Garden .93
Andrew Perguson's Experiences in WWII.... 94
Two Soldiers Ride a Train Home Together From Nazi Prison Camp: John Carlton and Carlos Long 95
Mt. McKinley Holds Remains of PVT Charles Ellis, WWII Soldier from Greenfield ...99
Harvey Murnan Brought Hancock County Boys Home in his Torpedo 103
Delmar L. Abbott Ran Trains in Persia ..106
Wessie Cuzzort Was Wounded at Least Twice in WWII and Received a Purple Heart 106
Carl Coffin, Stricken with Illness While at Sea in WWII . 107
Hancock Co. Man Released from German POW Hospital Makes National News ...109
T-SGT Jay T. Howard Once Thought Missing ...110
Drafted Strubbe Gravel Co. Driver Killed by Nazis ...111
Bard Logan Had an APO Address .113
An Incident of a Knife Fight with "Nips" on the Mariana Islands .114
Page Watson Ran for Prosecutor While in the Army .114
R.B. Orr Served on "The Forgotten Front" 115
An Aviator at Maxwell Field, Bill Dieter.. 116
Edgar Barnard Maintained Military Vehicles . 116
Harris Avery Returned to Greenfield Proud of His Army Service But a Little Disappointed That It Was Not Appreciated .117
Two Casualties During Training ..118
A Delco Remy Draftee Who Died on Oki nawa 119
A Greenfield Barber Who Died on Leyte.. 119
A Pilot Who Dropped Crap-shooting Paratroopers on Holland 121
Battle of Saipan Took the Life of Allen Holding ...122


PFC Rose West's Trip on Leave .124
John (Shorty) Breece Transported Troops on Last's 129
Cecil Andrews, One of the Nation's Top Military Doctors .130
Russell Hardin Served on the Flagship of the Pacific Fleet 130
Accidental Shot in Germany Kills a Greenfield Man.....133
Gerald Lantz Was a Pilot Who Bombed in Germany and Czechoslovakia .133
Even the Children Enlisted in the War Effort .135
Bob I)ishman Counted Corpses on Iwo Jima 137
A Seabee in the Pacific: Rupert Poer 138
A Hancock Co. Man Who Witnessed the Takeoff of the Plane Which Dropped the Atom Bomb.139
A B25 "Mitchell" Bomber That Crashed North of Greenfield ..144
A Code Breaker .145
A Supply Officer Who Kept a Military Hospital Going .147
The First Memorial Day Program After the End of WWII .148
To the Child of a WWII POW on Memorial Day, 2001 A D 143


(If WWII veteran is pictured, the page is indicated in parentheses)

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