Ed. Note: Spouse’s name usually follows occupation; then children. Some occupations are not so clear now so I mention for example that a tinnier was a plumber, watchman was a person who watched the railroad tracks, blacksmith shooed horses and fixed machinery, conductor was usually an interurban employee, etc. This was in the Great Depression Period so unfortunately “laborer” sometimes meant unemployed.}
Compiled by Thomas E.Q. Williams


Abbott, E.H., Machinist, Crystal, Edwin, Byron, 416 W. Main.
Abbott, Mrs. J.R. Housekeeper, 416 W. Main
Adams, Albert H., Tinnier, Occie, Walter, Dorothy, Albert Jr., Pauline, Myrtle, 913 W. Broadway
Adams, Mrs. Nancy, Housekeeper, Mary, 216 W. Main.
Adams, William J.  Electrician, Ada, Julia Billy, Russell, 609 W. 4th
Addison, Orlando, County Assessor, Mary, 622 E. North
Adkins, G.W., Laborer, Zora, 508 S. Mount
Allen, James L. Auto Dealer, Charlotte, Geneva, 426 N. State
Allen, Dr. J. L. Doctor, Charles, 17 E. South
Allen, Martha V. Housewife, 630 N. State
Allen, O.C., Insurance, 630 N. State
Amick, Helena, Teacher, 244 Noble

Amick, Hugh, Laboratory Assistant, Lucile, Barbara, Hugh, Richard, 221 E. North
Anderson, Chet, Laborer, Julia, 308 S. State
Anderson, J.F., Farmer, Olive, 16 Cemetery
Anderson, John T., Retired, 103 Osage
Anderson, Nellie, Clerk, Osage
Addison, Morton, Housekeeper, Glena, 25 S. Swope
Andis, Alva, Mechanic, Hester, 238 W. South
Andis, Clinton, Laborer, Kate, Dorothy, 532 N. State
Andis, Charles, Walter, 532 N. State
Andis, Hobson, Merchant, Margaret, 213 N. Pennsylvania
Andrick, Lewis, Laborer, Helen, Gilbert, Robert, Lewis, Richard, 19 Pierson
Andrick, Morgan, Laborer, Maude, 123 Meek

Andrick, Mrs. Maude, Housekeeper, 227 W. South

Andrick, Riley, Laborer, Maude, Julia 436 S. State
Andrews Charles, Laborer, Maggie, Charles James, 619 N. Spring
Andrews Dora, Motorman Jennie 536 S. State

Andrews, Frank, Engineer, Nola, Ella, Dorothy, 706 E. Main

Andrews, Wilford, Street Commissioner, 919 W. Main
Apple, Austin, Carpenter, Carrie, 521 Pratt

Apple, Harry, Laborer, Philomena, 318 S. Meek
Apple, Philip, Factory Employee, Alice, Elden, 411 Riley Ave.
Arbuckle, James, Retired, Emma 115 Center
Armstrong, Bernard, Minister, Lorena, Betty, Ruth, 111 Grant
Arnold, C.A. Well Driller, Sarah C. 308 Broadway
Arnold. Charles E. Laborer Carrie, Ralph, Emerson, 14 Pierson

Arnold, Frank, Feed Store, Elsie, Margery, 402 N. Swope

Arnold, Lewis electrician, Mary, Betty Lou 311 N. Pratt

Arnold, Ralph, Laborer, Leon, Robert, Marilyn, 836 W. North
Arnold, Dr. R.A. Doctor Hilda, Susanna, Tom 302 E. Main

Arras Albert E. Mechanic Lillian, 301 E. Osage
Atherton, Glenna, Telephone Emp. 201 W. South
Atkinson, C.HJ. Ret., Elizah, 253 Fifth
Atkinson, Miss Lula, Ret., 519 N. East
Ault, Dory, Mechanic, Pearl, Wilma, Alice, Vera, 114 N. Wood
Avery, Rev. Hillis L., Minister Mary, Edwin, Denise, William, Mary, 105 E. South
Backons, W.O., Contractor, Elsie, Dalton, Charles, 115 E. North
Bailey, Mrs. Housewife, 539 N. Wood,

Baker, Charles, Laborer, Beulah, Paul 14 ½ S. State
Baldwin, Lawrence L., Insurance Corner of North and State St., Phone 585
Baldwin, Lawrence L. Insurance, Irene, 701 N. East
Baldwin, Margaret, Teacher, 210 W. North
Baldwin, Nelle M. Insurance, 210 W. North St., Phone 330
Baldwin, Nelle, Teacher, 210 W. North
Baldwin, Oscar, Laborer, 1109 W. North St.,
Baldwin, Walter, Plumber Ida, Kenneth, Joseph, Robert 828 N. State
Baldwin, Verna, Librarian, 210 W. North
Bales, Henry, Retired, 317 W. North
Ball, Henry, Laborer, Sadie, Cecil, Helen, Martha, 25 Center

Ballinger, Russell, Laborer, Chester, 2 Brandywine
Ballinger, Sidney, Laborer, 2 Brandywine
Ballou, Mrs. Merle, Milliner, 613 N. Spring
Banker, H.C. Canner, Atlanta, Geneva, Janet, Phillip, Ralph, Billy, 511 S. State
Banks, William Brick Mason, Amelia, 421 Pratt
Bannister, Edward, Laborer Esther, Delbert, Pauline, Wayne, 210 Noble
Bannister, Ernest, Laborer, Mary, Robert, Ruth Norval, 527 N. Spring
Barnard, J.E. Laborer, Sarah, Edna, 107 Tague
Barnard, Robert, Musician, Elizabeth, Susie Ann, 701 North State
Barnes, I.H. Jeweler Amelia, Eda, Margaret, 310 W. Walnut
Barr, Mrs. Flora, Housekeeper, Clarence H. James H. Charles JH. Jennie, 25 Walnut
Barr, Mrs. John, Housekeeper, Lena, 527 E. Main
Barrett, Earl, Salesman, Pearl, 413 E. North
Barrett, Ellison, Retired, 118 E. Main, Columbia Hotel
Barrett, James, Carpenter, Nora, Artalissia, Willard, 522 N. Spring
Barrett, Idura, Teacher, 104 E. North
Barrett, Mr. Laborer, 304 S. State
Bartlow, Charles, Laborer, 204 Noble
Bash, J.J. Mechanic, Mary C., 432 W. Walnut
Bass, James F. Salesman, Stella 708 E. North
Bateman, LeRoy Salesman, Mary, 204 N. Wood
Beagle, Herschel, Plasterer Helen, Wanda, 520 N. Pratt
Beagle, Noble, Laborer, Mabel, Dale, 223 S. East
Beard, C.O. Ret. Mrs. C.O., 118 E. Main, Columbia Hotel
Beaver, Lillian, Housekeeper, 519 N. State
Beck, Schuyler, Mechanic Lena, 1122 W. North
Beckner, Mrs. Myrtle, County Recorder, June, Judith Ann, 120 Pennsylvania
Beecher, California, Housekeeper, 518 N. State
Beeson, Ellis, Postal Clerk, Bernice, 814 N. State
Beeson, Roy, Bookkeeper, Blanche, Jessie, Mary, 718 E. Main
Beeson, Russell P. Linotype Operator, Mary 615 N. East
Beggs, Mrs. O.S. Housekeeper, Thelma Wise, Merle Wise, 235 W. North
Bell, Earl E. Laborer Effa Howard 125 Baldwin
Bell, Paul G. Printer, Arlie O., Max, Macy, Mary Caroline, 402 Noble
Bell, Ray, Laborer, Helen, Harold 6 Brandywine
Benjamin, George, Retired, Evalena, 417 E. North
Bennett, Loretta, Housekeeper, 624 N. Spring
Bever, Oscar O. Bookkeeper, Louise, 307 N. Swope
Binford, Dr. B.F., Doctor, Anna, Kathryn, Rosemary, 704 W. North
Binford, Clarence J., Factory Emp. Inez, Mary, James, Norman 643 S. State
Binford, Mrs. Florence, Housekeeper, John C., John Richard, 224 W. Walnut
Binford, Mrs. Mary E., Housekeeper, 130 N. East
Binford, N.C., Ret, Lucy, 321 W. North
Binford, Paul F., Lawyer, Mary, 427 W. Main
Binford, Mrs. Glenna, Housewife, Lois, 333 E. North
Binford, Rebecca, Housekeeper, 323 Grant
Binford, William H. Retired, 716 N. State

Binford, W.P. Ret., Eldora 115 E. North
Bingham, George, Watchman, Johnson 316 Osage
Bingham, William, Mechanic 548 W. Wood
Bingham, Wilmia, Stenographer, 548 W. Wood
Bisking, Helen Stenographer, 120 Walnut
Bixler, William, Painter, Florence 255 Tague
Bixler, William Jr. Nellie, 255 Tague
Black, Mrs. Clara, Housekeeper, 18 Walnut
Black, John N. Supt. Hugh J. Baker Shop, Ruthy, Joseph, 722 ½ W. North
Blackford, Maurice Laborer Effie George, Dorothy, Paul, Barbara 25 Pierson
Blackford, Walter, Laborer, Ruby, Ruth, Charles Frances, 502 S. State

Block, Mrs. Ione B., Ret. 326 N. East;
Bodkin, A.C. Janitor, Eva 413 Pratt
Bodkin, Martha, Telephone Operator 8 Hough
Bodkin, O.T., Cigar Store Operator, Flo, Irene, Bailey, 734 N. State
Boles, Lee, Laborer, Clara, Roy, Charles, Anna, Martha, Myrtle, Robert, 501 Mount
Bolling, Mrs. Grace, Beautician, George, 735 W. Main
Boots, Mary S. Housekeeper, 239 W. South
Boring, Asa, Grocer, Florence, Beatrice, students 710 N. State
Boring, Gallen, Laborer, Eva, Carrell, Waunetta, Frances, 506 W. Wood
Boring, James, Laborer, Bertie, 218 E. Osage
Boucher, Leslie, Laborer, Grace, Carl, Mary Martha, Fannie, Charles, 342 S. Meek
Boyd, Edwin, Truck Driver, Mary, Mildred, 905 W. Broadway
Boyd Horace, Banker, Kate, Vera Josephine, 325 N. Pennsylvania
Boyd, Paul, Auto License Bureau, Inez, Rhea, 126 N. East
Boyd, Samuel, Cleaner, Ida Evelyn, 527 N. Spring
Bradford, Lowell, Lineman, Helen, 309 E. Main
Braddock, Mrs. N.W. Housekeeper, 119 N. East
Bradley, Bert, Lilly, Factory Employee, Edna 846 N. State
Bradley, Joseph Laborer, 407 Swope
Bradley, Virgil, Truck Driver, 222 School
Bragg, Walter O. 224 S. State
Brammer, Charles O. Blacksmith, Pearl, Gale, Dale, Louise, 433 S. State
Bratton, Russell L. Teacher, Martha Annabelle, Maxine, 716 N. East
Breece, Lonzo, Laborer Etta Mary, 16 Hough
Breece, Lee, Laborer 1015 W. North
Breece, John M. Well Driller, Laura Ann, Leona Smith, Elizabeth Dunn, William Breece, John, Martha, Mildred, 312 Wilson
Breese, Joseph, Carpenter, Vinnie, Chester, 441 Walnut
Bridges, Anna, Tailor, 209 E. South

Bridges, Charles A. Laborer Anna, Mary, 919 W. Main
Bridges, Jess O. Laborer Leona 422 Swope
Bridges, Walter G. State Tax Board, Daisy, Walter G 728 W. Main
Bright, Charles, Contractor, 603 W. Fourth
Bright Clarence, Cement worker, Marie Russell, Louis, Roy, 425 S. Pennsylvania
Broadway Lumber Col, Lumber and Coal, So. Broadway and Pa. Tracks, Phone 33
Brooks, Bernice, Housekeeper, Edith, 130 Baldwin
Brooks, Chas. E. Carpenter, Florence 19 ½ W. Main
Brooks, Earl, Salesman, Irene 1046 N. State
Brooks, Glen, Ret. 315 S. State
Brooks, Mrs. J.H. Saleslady, John, Homer, Robert, 703 W. North
John Brooks, Laborer, 315 S. State
Brooks, Mary Hannah, Housekeeper, 118 N. Wood
Brooks, Robert, Ret. Ida, 225 Douglas
Brown, Benj. F. Cabinet Maker, Margaret H. 212 S. Meek
Brown, E.A. Laborer Carrie Roy, Russell, 317 N. Broadway
Brown, C.H. Electrician, Vera, Robert, Charles, Paul, 205 Lincoln
Brown, Irvin, Salesman, Violet, Maxine, 112 Broadway
Brown, Orville A. Drayman, Harriett, Mary, Margaret, Helen, Esta, 318 W. South
Brown, P.H. Accountant, Mary Kathryn, Martha, Alfred, 218 Pennsylvania
Broughman, Mrs. Minnie, Housekeeper, 133 ½ N. East
Bruner, Dr. C.H. Doctor, Margaret, James P. Mary M., Laura L., 237 W. Main
Bruner Dr. Mary, Doctor 237 W. Main
Bruner Ralph P. Salesman Marjorie Bobby, Ladd, John, 17 Riley Ave.,
Bruss Roland E. Clerk Martha 532 N. Pratt
Bundy, Edna, Housekeeper, 323 Grant
Bundy, William, Laborer Dora Marshall, 436 W. North
Burk, Floyd, Laborer Anna, 252 N. Pratt
Burk, Robert, Laborer, Helen 844 W. North
Burke, Earl, Mechanic Pauline, 203 Pratt
Burke, Mrs. Sadie, Housekeeper, 1019 W. North  ST.,
Burtch, J.F. Laborer Minnie, Earl, 519 Mount
Bussell, Charles, Truck Driver, Edna, Ralph, Norma 222 School
Bussell, Edgar S. Machinist Mabel, Lenora Louise, 537 N. East
Bussell, W. E. Atty. Masonic Bldg, Phone 57
Bussell, William Elma, Atty, Lenore, 424 W. North St.,
Butler, George W. Printer Florence Grace George E. Patricia Barbara, 538 W. Swope St.
Butler J.E. Conductor 413 E. North
Butler, J.O., Retired, Mary, Susan Eaks, Elmer Eaks, 125 Pratt
Buskan, John, Tailor, Ella, Bertha, 203 N. spring
Butcher, Homer, Fireman, Lulu, Virginia, Rosella, 109 Osage
Byre, Frank, Accountant, Fannie, Earl, Shirley, 601 N. East St.
Caldwell, Charles, Fish Market, Daisy, James 311 wood
Caldwell, Frank, Laborer, Fannie Schoott, 17 Spring St.,

Caldwell, Mrs. James, Housekeeper, 311 wood St.
Caldwell, O. F. Telegraphist, Mary, Jack, 326 E. Main
Caldwell, Vincent, Laborer Alcie 832 W. Fifth
Calhoun, William, Bus Operator, Loretta, Bobby, 226 Riley Ave.,
Campbell, Enis, Bus Driver, Myrtle, Enis Jr. 109 S. State
Campbell, Mrs. Florence; Nurse, Madona, Norma, Estella, 209 E. South
Campbell, Floyd Laborer Ilo, Phyllis, 330 N. Wood
Cannon, Lonzo, Laborer Martha, 224 Tague
Carnell, Margaret, Teacher, 430 N. State
Carpenter, Marion, Printer, Lillian, 603 Swope St.,
Carr, Alice, Cook, 105 ½ W. Main
Carr, Homer, Mortician, Louise Joan, 527 N. East
Carr, W.H. Book Store, 119 N. Pennsylvania
Carrier, Mrs. Florence, Clerk, 722 E. Main
Carson, Fred C. Ins. Leto V. Max, Dale, George
Carson, Mary E. Retired, 536 S. State
Catt, Frank, Laborer Lorena, Robert, Glen, Charles. 211 N. Pennsylvania
Catt, Katherine, Housekeeper, 429 Fifth St.,
Chandler, James B. Hardware Dealer, Myrtle, Thomas, Lowell, Donald, 614 N. State
Chandler, O.C. Hardware Director, Helen, 434 W. Main

Chapman, Carl, Truckman Goldie, Mary Carolyn, Lois Evelyn, Dennis, 613 W. Fourth
Chapman, M. Alvin, Truck Driver, Ella, Lowell, Cecil, Marion, Mildred, Oren, Raymond, Jean, 422 Broadway
Chapman, R.E., Railroad Employee, Ethel, Katherine, Fern, Dorothy Melton, Patty Melton, Earl Melton, 519 Riley Ave.
Chapple, Mrs. Eva, Housekeeper, Avery, Albert, Josephine, 119 Osage St.,
Chapple, Harry, Plumber, Robert, 204 Broadway
Chapple, Julius, Garage, Hilda, Rex, 322 Noble St.
Chapple, Lonny R. Motorman, Julia, 402 Wood St.,
Chapple, Thomas, Factory Employee, ruby, Virginia, 641 S. State
Chapple, Verl, Laborer, Alma, Emma, Phoebe, Eva 303 Wood St.
Chiltende, William R. Paperhanger, Hettie, Raymond, 201 Broadway
Clark, Clarence, Laborer Ora Kenneth, Ora, Teddy, Glen, 112 Brandywine
Clark, Ed., Laborer Freda Catherine, 840 W. North
Clark, James B. Railway Express Agent, Olive, Marguerite, 422 S. Pennsylvania
Clark, Mrs. Mabel, Housekeeper, Louis, Louis, Arthur, Robert, 524 N. Broadway
Clark, W.S. Laborer Cleda, Jack, Jean, 126 Baldwin
Clear, Rev. V.L. Minister, Hattie, Charles, John, 502 E. Main

Clayton, John R., Plasterer, 326 Baldwin St.,
Clayton, Clerk, Mary, Elizabeth, Maudie, Laura, Suzanna, Saranne, 419 Wood
Clayton, Sarah, E. 326 Baldwin St.
Cochran, Lillian, Milliner, 102 Walnut St.,
Coffey, Jack, Grain Dealer, 322 E. North
Coffey, Ruby, Clerk, Richard, 120 S. Meek
Coffield, Callie, Housekeeper, 122 E. South
Coffin, Mrs. Louise, 326 S. Pennsylvania
Coffin, W.C., Mechanic, Rosey, Kathryn, Paul, Ada, Roy, Junior, Charles, Richard 18 W. Osage St.,
Coffman, Mrs. George, Housekeeper, 410 W. North St.,
Colclazier, Mrs. Hiram, Housekeeper, Albert, Estel, 243 Osage St.,
Colclazier, Jake, Laborer, Sinda, Ralph, Charles, 702 N. Pratt St.,
Colclazier, Roy, Carpenter, Margaret, Robert, Osage St.,
Colclazier, Sarah, 110 Osage St.,
Cole, Mrs. Sarah E., Housekeeper, 431 N. State St.,
Coleman, Rev. Paul, Minister, Florence, Paul Jr., Martha 315 W. South St.,
Collins, James E. Shoemaker, Ethel M. Virginia Lee, 326 N. Swope
Collins, Lucie B. Nurse, 130 Baldwin St.,
Columbia Hotel, 118 E. Main St., Phone 97
Comstock, Harry, filling Station Attendant, Lettie, 204 N. Swope St.,
Comstock, John C., Clerk, Pansy, John, 427 N. East St.
Comstock, Mrs. Martha E. Housekeeper, 303 N. Swope
Conklin Lumber Col, Lumber and Coal, Greenfield, Ind. Phone 32
Conklin, J. Dale, Auto Dealer, Imogene, 325 W. Main St.,
Conklin, S.E. Garage Levanche, Mrs. Gerald Dink, Patricia, 329 W. North St.,
Conklin Motor Sales, 121 E. Main St., Phone 44, Plymouth, DeSoto, and Pontiac
Cook, Charles, H. Attorney, Myrtle, 313 W. Main
Cook, George, Watchman, Phoebe, ruby, Grace, 24 Hough St.,
Cook, Joe, Mechanic, Ethel, Joseph, Richard, James, Mary Jane, 410 Noble St.,
Cook and Walker, Attorneys, Greenfield Bank Bldg, Off. Phone 16, Res. 229-282
Cook, Mrs. William, Housekeeper, 402 N. East St.
Cooney, E.L. Painter, Nellie, James, Joseph, Jerry, Jack, Cenia, 418 Wilson St.,
Cooney, F. G., Sign Writer, Ida, Ralph, 848 fifth St.,
Cooney, Watson, Laborer, Garnet, Hester, 314 S. East St.,
Cooper, Mrs. Anna, City Treasurer, 314 W. Main St.,
Cooper, Crystal, Teacher, 734 W. Main St.,
Cooper, Edward, Accountant, Mabel, 234 W. South St.,
Cooper, Mrs. George H. Housekeeper, 314 W. Main St.,
Cooper, Orville, Conductor, Lizzie, Carl, 401 Wood St.,
Cooper, Roy, Laborer, Goldie, Patricia, Thomas, 624 S. State
Cooper, Sheldon, Banker, Ruth, Phillip, Charlotte, 204 W. North St.,
Cooper, William, Garage, Francas, 710 N. East St.
Costello, J.P. Factory Employee, Kate, Mary, Morris, James, Jean, 410 E. Main St.,
Cottingham, H.H. Telephone Co., Edith, Mary, Maurine, 621 N. State St.,
court House Restaurant, Greenfield, Indiana, Ph. 715
Cowan, Rev. James T. Minister, 928 W. Main
Cox, Larkin, Laborer, Eunice, 830 W. Fifth St.,
Cox, Roy, Clerk, Pearl, School Teacher, 315 Lincoln St.,
Cragun, Mrs. Frances, Saleslady, Alberta 40 N. East St.,
Crays, Berl, Laborer, Margaret, Warren, 303 N. Pennsylvania
Crane, William D. Electrician, Elizabeth, Evelyn 546 N. Wood St.,
Crider, A.P. Lineman, Ethel, Lyle, 21 Howard St.,
Crider, O.B. Salesman, Clara, 614 E, Main St.,
Cross, Edward, Laborer, Maude, Jewel Belle, 223 Grove St.,
Cross, W.R. Carpenter, Belle, Clyde, Glenn, 509 Riley Ave.
Crossley, Arthur, Plumber, Agnes, 329 N. Swope St.,
Crossley, Chelsie, Motorman, Victoria, Marion, Mildred, Charles, 520 N. Wood St.,
Crossley, Eva; Factory Employee, Patty Ruth, 19 ½ W. Main St.,
Crossley, John, Retired, Judith, William, 502 W. Sixth
Crossley, Mrs. Housekeeper, 107 W. South St.,
Crowell, Chester A. Laborer Edna, Landall 309 Walnut St.,
Cruey, Mrs., Housekeeper, Henry, 625 Brook St.,
Cully, Frank, Inspector, Jim, Jack, 316 S. Meek St.,
Curry, Anna, Housekeeper, 508 S. State St.,
Curry, Douglas, Barbara. 417 W. sixth St.,
Curry, Lucian, Salesman Gratiot, Kathryn, George, 528 E. North St.,
Curry, Noble, Laborer, Ella, Helen James Charles, Mildred, Kenneth, 109 Center St.,
Curtis, Ed., Laborer, Goldie, Marion, Ralph, Maxine, 938 W. Main St.,
Curtis, Mrs. Ella, 626 N. State St.,
Custer, Edwin, Clerk, Francis, 306 N. State St.
Dailey, Alice, Housekeeper, 612 E. North
Dailey, C.W., Garage Matilda, Charles 503 Wood St.
C.W. Dailey and Sons, Garage, E. Main St., Phone 136
Dailey, Robert, Garage, Catherine, 303 E. Douglas
Danner Bros. Inc., Variety Store, Greenfield Phone 661
Davis, Aubrey V., Telephone Operator, Melva B., Mervin, Norma 710 W. Main St.,
Davis, Beamer, Merchant, Leah, George, Virginia, 329 E. North St.,
Davis, Cecil, Motorman, Ruby, Betty, Dorothy, Harry. 324 Baldwin St.,
Davis, C.C., Paperhanger, 209 Mill St.
Davis, Clarence, Clerk, 413 Swope St.
Davis, Miss E. Housekeeper, 734 S. State
Davis, James O., Ice and Fuel Col, Claudia, Maurine, 302 Broadway
Davis, Jesse, Laborer, Mary, 204 E. South St.,
Davis, J.C. Carpenter, 416 Fifth St.,
Davis, John, Retired, 734 S. State
Davis, Mrs. Lula, Housekeeper, 409 E. Main St.,
Davis, Mrs. Maude, Housekeeper, Jewell, Bookkeeper, 329 N. Pratt
Davis, Perry, Manufacturer, Mildred, Perry Jr., Marion, 410 E. Main St.
Davis, Zella, Saleslady, 413 Swope St.,
Davis, William N. Retired, Jessie, 216 Lincoln St.,
Davis, William G., Laborer, Maude, Guy, Frederick, Wayne, 422 Fifth St.,
Davidson, James R. Carpenter, Emaline, 211 Baldwin St.,
Dawson, Bert, Blacksmith, Bernice, Charles, Madeline, 110 Brandywine St.,
Davy, George, L. Bricklayer, Dora, 303 Pratt St.,
Delashmit, Howard, Truck Driver, Katherine, Shirley Ann, Donovan, 220 Broadway St.,
Deny, Nathan, Laborer, Jenny, Mildred, 310 S. Pennsylvania St.,
Derm, Marion, Laborer, Ruth, Margaret 603 Sixth St.,
Derry, J.C. Postal Clerk, Edna, Helen, Paul, 310 W. Main St.,

Destribue, Mrs. Sally, Housekeeper, 412 S. State St.,
Dew itch, Don, Ret. Edith, Eugena, Stanley, Marion, 20 Hough St.,
George F. Dickmann, Attorney, Phone 658, Koin Bldg, Rooms 1-2
Dickmann, George, Lawyer, Velma, James, Charles, Bessie, George, Dorothy, John, 232 Fifth St.,
Dieter, Berlin W., Electrician, Lillian, Billy 629 N. East St.,
Dieter, Mrs. Josephine, Housekeeper, 213 Swope St.,
Dilley, Ray, Mechanic, Clarabelle, Richard, Violet, 432 N. State
Dillon, Mary, Housekeeper 204 Baldwin St.,
Dishman, George, Carpenter, Velma, Betty Jean, 216 School St.,
Dishman, William B. Shoe Repair Man, Alice, 921 W. North
Ditmer, Ludia, 619 N. Swope St.,
Dixon, L.E. Foreman, Nell, 29 Howard St.,
Dobbs, Morita, 529 Wood St.,
Dobbins, Jesse, Laborer Nellie, Jesse, James, Donald, 721 E. North St.,
Dobbins, John, Carpenter, Sallie, 634 S. State St.,
Dorsett, Anthony, Salesman, Ada, 615 N. State St.,
Dowell, Jeane, Filling Station Attendant, Ellen, 527 E. Main St.,
Downing, A.C. Mayor, Madge E., 429 E. Main St.,
Dowling, John, Barber, Grace, Jean, James, 102 W. South St.,
Droeger, Carl, Contractor, Irene, Robert, Max, Richard, 858 W. Main St.,
Dudding, Minnie, Saleslady, 409 E. Main St.,
Dudding, William R. Conductor, Belle, 615 E. Main St.,
Duncan, Almon, Electrician, Helen, Frazier, Dean, 319 N. East St.,
Duncan, Curtis W. Mechanic, Mabel, 610 E. Main St.,
Duncan, Charles, Fireman, 114 SA. State St.
Duncan, Elbert, Laborer, Myrtle, Louis McDaniel, 101 Center St.,
Duncan, Frank, Retired, 118 E. Main St., Columbia Hotel
Duncan, Fred Laborer, Mildred, Fred, 25 Center St.,
Duncan, Hayes, Carpenter, Elsie, Madeline, 116 Brandywine St.,
Duncan, James, Laborer, 416 W. Walnut St.,
Duncan, Jenny, Housekeeper, Clarence, 318 Pierson St.,
Duncan, Martha, Housewife, 34 Fourth
Duncan, Mary E., Housekeeper 112 N. Spring St.,
Duncan, Noland, Laborer, June, Laurence, 604 Fifth St.,
Duncan, Oreb, Retired, 322 E. North
Duncan, Sam, Laborer, Goldie, 416 W. Walnut St.,
Duncan, Maltin, Carpenter, Ruth, 1115 W. North St.,
Duncan, W.C. Insurance, Laura, 404 W. North St.,
Duncan, William, Laborer, Jewell, Gene, 225 Meek St.,
Duncan, Mrs. Housekeeper, School St.,
Dunham, Mrs. Anna, Housekeeper, Helen, Irene, Mary Russell, 308 Douglas
Dunham, Oliver, Truck Driver, Cecil, Gurney, 302 Douglas St.,
Eagan, Mrs. Elnora, Housekeeper, 23 W. South St.,

Eaks, Oscar, Carpenter, Nell, Nilo, Geneva, 323 S. Pennsylvania
Eaks, Mrs. Suzanna, Housekeeper, 318 School St.,
Eaks, William, Carpenter, Edna, 318 School St.,
Early Drug Co., Drugs, 23 W. Main St., Phone 38
Early, John J. Druggist, Leah, John 238 W. Main St.,
Ernest, Thurman, Salesman, Emma, Owan, Herbert, Doris, 402 Douglas St.,
Eastes, Charles N. Painter, Dalla, 314 Wood St.,
Eastes, Jane C. Housekeeper, 201 Lincoln
Eaton, Hardin W., Transfer Line, Mary E. Cornie, Jack, Howard, 705 N. State
Eaton, Nile W. Truckman, Pearl, 714 E. North St.,
Easton, T.H. Transfer Man, Minnie B., 312 Pennsylvania
Edson, Wilson, Retired, Mary, 640 Brook Street

Edson, W.L. Electrician, Stalle, 928 N. State St.,
Edward, Glen T. Laborer, Ethiel C. Elaine, Robert, Hollis, 625 N. State
Edwards, Horace, Cleaner, Leone, Dorothy, 304 S. State
Eggleston Dry Cleaners, Greenfield, Ind. Phone 128
Eggleston, Edward, Cleaner, Pearl, Arthur 249 Tague St.,
Eikenberry, L.W. Druggist, Anna, William, Warren, 313 N. State St.,
Elliot, E.R. Telegraph Operator, Esta, Betty, Mary A. Maxine, 604 W. Fourth St.,
Elliot, C.H. 604 W. Fourth St.,
Ellis, Arthur, Painter, Tillie, 319 E. North St.,
Ellis, Henrietta, Housekeeper, Hanzel, 231 Walnut St.,
Ellis, Percy, Trustee, Kate, 216 W. Fifth St.,
Ellis, Vint, Painter, Josephine, Hester, 118 S. State St.,
Elmore, Chas. A. Laborer, Clara, Robert, Mary, Sophronia, 927 W. North St.,
Enos, Vern, Laborer, Della, Richard, Vera, 207 S. State
Elsbury, Raymond, Printer, Fern, Jack, George, Madge, Charles, 420 N. Pratt
Elsbury, Dr. Nobel W., Veterinarian, Elizabeth, William E. Helen J. 118 N. East St.,
Elsbury, Harry, Laborer, Hazel, Paul, Clarence, Max, 607 E. South St.,
Epperson, Jessie R., Dispatcher, Eva L. Richard, Jessie, Joan, 502 N. Wood
Epperson, Louis, Postal Clerk, Gladys, Beatrice, Helen, 924 W. North St.,
Enright, Mary N. Housekeeper, 205 N. State St.,
Esch, William H. Salesman, Susan, Robert Hill, 414 N. East St.,
Ewbank, Robert E. Manager Store, Mary, Robert E., Jr. 404 N. Swope St.,
Evans, Max, Factory Employee, 110 Grant St.

Fair, Charles, Wholesale, Confectioner, Bertha, 225 S. State
Falcone, John, Laborer, 233 S. Pennsylvania
Falcone, Vergil, Laborer, 228 S. Pennsylvania
Fermerr, Joe, Retired, Jane, 413 Mount St.,

Farrell, Joseph R. 423 S. Spring St.,
Felt, F.V. Farmer, Minnie, Helen, 633 E. Main St.,
Ferris, David, Motorman, Lora, Marscia, Margaret, David, 19 Tague St.,
Finnell, Vard H. Farmer, Emma, 110 N. State
Fires, Forest, Laborer, Ellma, Mary, James, 118 Baldwin St.,
Fisk, Horace, Meat Dealer, Odessa, 226 W. Walnut
Fisk, Ira, W. Butcher, Rose, Joseph, 112 W. South St.,
Fisk, J. M. Farmer, Cora, 627 N. State St.,
Fleming, Darold T., Reporter, Frances, 124 W. Main St.,
Fletcher, G.M. Train Dispatcher, Ella, Corinne, 629 E. Main St.,
Fletcher, J. Ward, Barber, Mabel, 117 N. East St.,
Floyd, T.J. Laborer, Esta, Benjamin, Inez, 106 W. Osage St.,
Ford, A.M. Garageman, Gladys, 1002 W. Main St.,
Foreman, M.S. Laborer, Emaline, Joseph, 202 Pierson
Foreman, Thomas H. Mechanic, Margaret, 129 Pratt St.,
Fort, Joseph, Laborer, Berna, Phoebe Wilson, Joseph Wilson, 608 N. State St.,
Fost, Marie, Maid, 403 E. Main

Forest, Jake, Florist, Anna, 337 Meek St.,
Foster, Charles F., Veterinary’s Asst., Mabel, 733 W. North St.,
Foster, Hubert, Laborer, 733 W. North St.,
Foster, Fannie, Housekeeper, 212 N. Swope St.
Fowler, Mrs. Eliza, Housekeeper, 204 N. Swope St.
Fralich, Herbert, Garageman, Cecil, William, 238 W. Pierson St.,
Francis, Mrs. Manda, Housekeeper, Boyd, Wilma, 316 W. North
Freeman, Mrs. E. Housekeeper, 24 Vince St.,
Freeman, Landis, Truckman, Nellie, Landis Jr., Barbara Ann, 524 N. East St.,
Frazier, A., Cook, Ethel, 572 S. Mount St.,
Frazier, Mr., Laborer, 4 Brandywine St.,
Frazier, C.H. Laborer, Colleen, Mary J. 223 Tague St.,
Frazier, Donald, Walter, Dorothy 105 ½ W. Main St.,
Frazier, Mrs. Grace, Housekeeper, 319 N. East St.
Frazier, Plutark, Laborer, Odia, Jack, 853 W. Fifth St.
Frazier, Ransom, Lunch Room Edna, 704 N. State St/.
Frost, Mrs. Ella, Housewife, 625 N. East St.,
Frost, J.R. Laborer, Ethel, James, William, 724 S. State St.,
Frost, Mrs. Laura, Housekeeper, 1109 W. North St.,
Fry, Henry, Florence, 331 E. Main

Fry, J.W. Contractor, Anna, 635 N. State St.,
Fuller, Kelsie, Laborer, Lula, 622 W. Sixth St.,
Furr, Mrs. Eva J. Housekeeper, Mary 320 W. North St.,
Furry, Mrs. B.A. Housewife, 226 W. Main St.,
Furry, George R., Salesman, Cora, Dennis, 804 W. Main St.,
Furry, Vinson H. Hardware Dealer, Nellie, 520 N. State St.,

Gambrel, Harley, A. Employee, Interstate Public Service Col., Erma, Marjorie, Deloris, Betty Lou, 427 W. North St.,
Gambrel, James, Carpenter, Kate, 211 W. South St.,
Gambrel, William, Laborer, 119 Meek
Gant, Lowell E., Telegraph Operator, Elizabeth, 714 N. East St.,
Gant, Mrs. Marion, Housekeeper, 433 Walnut St.,
Gant, Russell B., Truckman, Vera, Florence, Theodore 15 ½ S. East St.,
Gant, Winfield, Retired, 210 Pennsylvania St.,
Gappen, A.A. Well Driller, Rose, 924 W. Main St.,
Gappen, Sam A. Druggist, Prudence, Mabern, Janice, 104 N. Wood St.,
Gappen, Samuel M., Laborer, Mary L. 1128 W. North St.,
Gardner, Earl, Guard, Theresa Vashti, Phillip, John, Maurice, 406 W. Main St.,
Gardner, Mary, 406 W. Main
Garriott, L.E. Insurance, Beulah, 307 W. Main St.,
Garriott and Son, W.I. Insurance and Farm Loans, Masonic Bldg., Phone 3
Garriott, William I., Ins. Belle 332 E. North St.,
Gashbaugh, John, Meat Market, Agnes, 509 S. State
Gates, Fred, Mechanic Elniena, Harvey, Charles, Eugene, Helen, 610 N. East St.
Gates, Mrs. Neva R., Housewife, Mildred, Bleo, Helen, Marietta, Virginia, 117  Spring St.,
Gay, L.S., Clerk, Elizabeth, 624 E. Main St.,
Gemmill, Helen B. Housekeeper, 244 W. Main St.,
George, J.E. Salesman, Bertha, Ralph, Mildred, Gladys, 242 Fourth St.,
German, John R., Machinist, Mabel, Robert, 316 Lincoln St.,
Gibbs, Dr. C.M. Doctor, Ida, 403 E. Main St.,
Gibbs, John S., Retired, Ellen, 201 E. North St.,
Gibbs, Paul, Salesman, 402 E. North St.,
Giddings, Laurence, Conductor, Male, Merle, Jane, Paul, 205 Baldwin St.,
Gilbert, T.L. Conductor, Lillian, 734 W. Main St.,
Ging, Waldo C., Attorney, Strickland Bldg., Off. Phone 355, Res. Phone 354
Ging, Waldo C., Lawyer, Hildred W., 535 N. State

Ging, Walter, Ret. Lucile, 225 Walnut St.,
Ginley, Paul, Laborer Ottie, Marguerite, 619 W. Fifth St.,
Glascock, Chester, Mechanic, Male, Charles 906 W. North
Glascock, Henry M. Laborer, Nellie, Harriett, Wilma, Merl Jr., Keith, Milton, 314 Baldwin
Glascock, Mrs. Ominda, Housewife, Ollie Dobbins, 113 Pratt St.,
Glascock, Roy, Laborer, 906 W. North St.,
Gleener, Mrs. Cora, Housewife, Monroe, 412 Park Ave.
Gliddin, Mrs. Ira, Housewife, 414 N. East St.,
Goble, B.O., Salesman, Lucile, Richard, 418 E. Main St.,
Goble, James, Printer, Lilyan, 15 N. Wood St.,
Gordan, Omer P. Architect, Mable, 418 Riley St.,
Gorman, Clarence, Carpenter, Oberane, Vera, Wanda, Clarence, Phyllis, Valta, William, 418 Park Ave.,
Gorman, Elmer L., Meat Market, Rose, 317 Grant St.,
Gorman, Mrs. Emma, Housekeeper, 209 Mill St.,
Gorman, Fred, Glass Worker, Florence, 317 N. Swope St.,
Gorman, Mrs. Namie, Grocer, James, 228 S. Pennsylvania
Gorman, Robert, Policeman, Josephine, Gale 11 ½ S. East St.,
Gorman, Russell, Mail Carrier, Mary, Alice 313 N. Swope St.,
Glough, Ora, Anna, 538 N. East St.,
Grandison, J.R. Ret. Amelia 946 N. State St.,
Gray, Frank, Laborer, Mayme, Mary, Gerald, Josephine, Eva, Ruth Helena, John, Eugiene, Dorothy, Richard, 123 Pierson St.,
Gracy, Milo, Attorney, Gertrude 404 W. North St.,
Green, Betty, Housekeeper, 319 S. Meek St.,
Green, Earl, Merchant, Helen, 8 Spring St.,
Greenfield Monument Works, 610 S. State St., Phone 147
Greenwell, Mrs. Chas., Housewife, 31`3 N. Swope St.,
Griffey, Margaret, Housekeeper, 509 S. Pennsylvania St.,
Griffin, Timothy, Salesman, Margaret, Robert 114 Brandywine St.,
Griffith, C.B. Teacher, Ruby, Richard, Warren, 428 Fifth St.,
Griffith, Gomer, Fireman, Freda, Doris, Gomer, Rex 235 W. South St.,
Grigsby, Albert, Laborer, 1028 W. Main St.,
Grigsby, Clarence, Steam Fitter, Mary, Harry, Marjorie, Dorothy, Clarence, Rosemary 26 W. Osage
Grigsby, Leslie, Carpenter, Josephine, Roberta, 218 Riley St.,
Grisell, J.L. Engineer, Flora, Julia, Mary, James, 222 Douglas St.,
Grist, Charles, Interior Decorator, Nellie, 609 W. Fifth St.,
Gross, Jess, Janitor, Flora, 601 Wood St.,
Grose, John, Laborer, Orpha, Genevieva, Anna Mae, Betty Joan, John, Jr. 26 Pierson St.,
Grubbs, H. E. Manager Store, Lois, Barbara, Wilma, Marvin, 909 W. Main St.
Gustin, Harry; Garageman, Hester, Guy, Lloyd, 25 N. Pratt St.,
Guthier, Frank, Merchant, Tessie M., Mary Louise, 248 W. North St.,

Haffner, Frank, Shoe Repairman, 309 E. North St.,
Hafner, Gud, Laborer, Christina, 11 Osage St.,
Hagans, Mrs. Eli, Housekeeper, 105 N. State St.,
Hagans, Homer, Mechanic, Josephine, Jack, 1004 N. State St.,
Hagan, Mabel, Nursing, 1002 N. State
Haggerty, R. E.. Mary E. Idella, Dorothy, Janice, 303 W. Fourth St.,
Haines, Alfred M. Laboratory Assistant, Hazel, Doveta, 22 School
Haines, Mrs. Clara, Housewife, 725 E. North St.,
Haines, Delbert, Shipping Clerk, Mildred, 420 N. Swope
Haines, Frances, Laborer, 725 E. North St.,
Haines, Laurence, Laborer, 725 E. North St.,
Haines Lydie, Asst. Postmaster, Maud, 404 E. Main St.,
Haines, P.O. Laborer, Ollie, Earl, 317 W. Pierson St.,
Hall, Earl, Clerk, Ivy, Mawin, 308 Riley Ave.,
Hall, Gladys, Housekeeper, Martha, John, Dennie, 609 W. fifth St.,
Halsall, John Boyd, Merchant, Mamie, 322 W. Main St.,
Halsall, J.W., Retired, 322 W. Main

Ham, Scott, Salesman, June, Winifred, Guinevere, 32 Grant St.,
Hamilton, Charles E., Truckman, Debby, Robert, 1025 W. North St.,
Hamilton, Ethel, Secretary, 403 E. Main St.,
Hamilton, Emery E. Laborer, Minnie, Max, 630 N. East St.,
Hamilton, Harvey, Salesman, Margaret, 628 N. Swope St.,
Handy, John C., Laboratory Assistant, Ruth, 132 N. Spring St.,
Hannah, Clara, Retired, 320 N. East St.,
Hara, Warren G., Agricultural Agent, Mae, 213 E. North St.,
Harding, Edward C., Clerk, Belle, Elizabeth, 425 W. North St.,
Harding, Samuel, Retired, Lucretia, 513 S. Pennsylvania St.,
Harding, Walter J. Laborer, Lena, Leonard, Carl, Chester, Betty, 511 S. Pennsylvania St.,
Hargrove, Donald, Box Maker, Opal, Doris May, 319 E. Main St.,
Hargrove, John, Laborer, Elsie, Jean, 314 S. Sate St.,

Hargrove, Roma, Conductor, Stella, 244 W. Walnut St.,
Harold, Raymond, Garageman, Fern, Billy, Harriett, 123 Spring St.,
Harris, Aulda, Steno, 431 S. Pennsylvania
Harrison, Mrs. Jessie, Housewife, 407 Swope St.,
Harlan, Mrs. John, Housekeeper, Horace Oakley, 310 N. East St.,
Hart, Ed, Retired, Mary, 101 W. South St.,
Harvey, Carl, Salesman, Alma, Helen, 217 Grant St.,
Harvey, Clyde, salesman, Charlotte, 301 S. State St.,
Harvey, Gerald, Salesman, Elizabeth, Jack, 503 S. State St.,
Harvey, Wilbur, Salesman, Alice, 303 S. State St.,

Hastings, Albert O., Engineer, Maude E., Mary Ruth Margaret, Albert T., Katherine, 403 Grant St.,
Hastings, Henry, Custodian, Mary, 223 Tague St.,
Hatch, Albert W., Laborer, Edna, Albert, 251 S. Tague St.,
Hatfield, Walter, Banker, Elizabeth, Claude, 126 N. Spring St.,
Hatfield, Mrs. Ida, 126 N. Spring St.,

Hank, Mrs. Alice, Cook, Margaret, Mary, Frances, 523 S. State St.,
Havens, Fred, Grocer, Hilda, Helen, Thomas, Jeanne, 225 N. Pennsylvania
Havens, J.M. Retired, Amanda, 19 W. South St.,
Hawk, Margaret, Housekeeper, 319 S. Pennsylvania
Hawks, Charles, Carpenter, Flora, Marjorie, Mary, 519 Wood St.,
Hawkins-Andis, Men’s Wear and Ladies’ Hosiery, Phone 283, W. Main St.,
Hawkins, George, Laborer, Mary, Elizabeth, Josephine, Robert, 622 Pratt St.,
Hawkins, Kathryn, Clerk, 402 N. Wood St.,
Hawkins, Paul, Garageman, Christina, Owen, Lee, 19 S. Center
Hawkins, Vergil, Mechanic, Grace, Geraldine, 320 E. Main St.,
Haydock, C.C. Carpenter, Nell, Gerald, Violet, James, 308 Fifth St.,
Hayes, Edward, Teamster, Myrtle, 303 E. Osage
Hayes, Guy, Laborer, 319 S. Meek St.,
Hayes, Mrs. Mary B. 250 W. Main St.,
Hayes, Robert D., Salesman, Belle P. 331 N. East St.,
Haywood, Elmer, Retired, Lou, Dale, Ralph, 1`04 Pierson
Headlee, Josephine, 226 Riley Ave.,
Headley, Charles, Laborer, 243 Osage St.,
Headley, Harold, Laborer, 243 Osage St.,
Heck, Marshall, Pressman, Lena, Helen, Mary, Charles, John, Robert, Rosemary, 633 N. East St.,
Heinrich, Louis, Printer, Lulu, 14 Broadway
Heim, Elmer, Hotel Employee, Nora, Mary, Louise, Betty, 114 Walnut
Heim, Mrs. M. K. Housekeeper King, 216 Noble St.,
Heller, Dr. Oscar, Physician, Victoria, 310 E. North St.,
Helvie, G.C. Laborer, Sarah, 318 Wilson St.,
Henby, Mrs. Elizah, Housekeeper, Elizabeth, 625 W. Main St.,
Henderson, Alice, Steno, 117 E. State St.,
Hendren, Arthur, Laborer, Ella, Paul, 407 Riley Ave.,
Hendren, Chris, Laborer, Anna,
Hendren, Clint, Laborer, Pearl, Patty, Jean, Virginia, 227 Grove St.,
Hendren, Nathan, Laborer, Pearl, Marie, 507 Riley Ave.,
Hendricks, Charles, Carpenter, Alice, 603 N. Spring St.,
Henley, Walter, C. Carpenter, Caroline B. 426 Fourth St.,
Herbig, Charles M. Chiropractor, Jenny H. Frances, 123 N. Spring
Hiday, Ernest D., Grocer, Fanny, Fern, Betty, 421 W. Fourth St.,
Higgins, E.O. Teacher, Mrs. E.O. 410 W. Main St.,
Hildebrand, E.P. Retired, 118 E. Main St., Columbia Hotel
Hill, Forest, Laborer, Clara, Florence, 1116 W. North St.,
Hill, Herbert, Mechanic, Bernadine, Virginia, 328 Pierson
Hill, Herman, Contractor, 724 S. State St.,
Hill, Dr. J.S. Naturopath, Elizabeth, John, 20 ½ W. Main St.,
Hill, Oliver, E. Motorman, Leonora B. 429 E. North St.,

Hill, Mrs. Charles, Housekeeper, 107 W. North St.,
Hilt, Donald, E., Manufacturer, Margaret, Donald M, Marjorie, 107 Walnut St.,
Hinchman, John, Attorney, Bess, 114 Fifth St.,
Hinchman, Roy, Highway Foreman, Lula, Max, 227 E. North St.,
Hine, Thurman, conductor, Ruby, Esther, Delmar, Don, Wendall, 724 E. Main St.,
Hogans, Mrs. Olive, Housekeeper, 742 S. State St.,
Holden, Howard, Butcher, Rose, 424 Noble St.,
Holden, Otis R. Laborer, Electa, 937 W. North St.,
Holden, Walter, Merchant, Lucindia, Dolly, Katherine, Virginia, 117 Center St.,
Holden, Walter Jr. Laborer, Mildred, Robert, 111 Cemetery

Holden, William G., Retired, Marie, Anna, 101 Tague St.
Holden, Wm. Plumber, Catherine, Thelma, Norman, 614 N. Spring
Holding, Harold, Plumber, Dorris, 626 S. Brook
Holding, Wamer, Laborer, Pearl, Allen, 226 W. Grove St.,
Holland, Mrs. Gertrude, Probation Officer, 214 N. Wood St.,
Hollenbaugh, Ward, Laborer, Goldie, 19 ½ W. Main St.,
Holmer, Ezra, Laborer, Hazel, 610 E. South St.
Holmes, Laurence, Truckman, Rita, 204 S. East St.,
Holt, Howard, Garageman, Della, Glendora, 109 N. State St.,
Holt, Noah C. Mail Carrier, Maggie, Tyner, 623 E. North St.,
Hook, Mrs. Harriett, Housewife, 318 Lincoln St.,
Hooker, Amanda, Housekeeper, 420 N. Wood St.
Hooton, A.F., Retired, Mary C., Clifford, 5 Tague St.,
Harrold Hooton, Burial Vaults, Phones 681 and 655
Hooton, Harrold, Manufacturer, Nellie, Louis, 28 E. Cemetery St.,

Ray Hooton, Cement Products, Phones 655 and 681
Hooton, Ray, Manufacturer, Lilly, 322 S. State St.,
Hooton, Robert, Laborer, 28 E. Cemetery St.,
Hope, Edgar, Clerk, Ada, Helen, Jeanette, Dale, 114 E. North St.,
Hornstein, Joseph, R.R. Clerk, Zetta, Frank, 431 S. Pennsylvania St.,
Hosier, Herman, Minister, Edith, Donald, Gerald, Glenn, 505 N. State St.,
Hough, W.A. Attorney, Ella, 607 W. Main St.,
Howell, F.L. Auto Dealer, Maude, Amelia, Harriett, Lee, 626 N. State St.,

Huckleberry, Clint, Laborer, Lula, Pearl, Beulah, Loundis, Willis, Maxine, Noland, 423 W. Fourth St.,
Huckleberry, Robert, Laborer, Eva, Edmond, 109 Osage St.,
Hudelson, H.L. Railroader, Ruby, Clara, James, Frank, Esta, 315 Noble St.,

Hudson, J.P. Retired, Bettie, Eleanor, Rex, 1004 W. Fourth St.,
Hudson, Otto, Mill Superintendent, Nevada, 407 Pratt St.,

Hufford, Frank, Retired, Florence, 256 W. fifth St.,
Huffman, C.A. Truck Driver, Nora 123 E. South St.,
Hughes, Jesse D., Flo, 412 N. State St.,
Hughes, Jesse D., Jr. Salesman, Mary B. 224 Pennsylvania St.
Hughes, W.A., Real estate, Nelle M. Isabelle, 610 W. Main St.,
Hull, George, Laborer, 102 Walnut St.,

Hume, Mrs. Nellie T., Housekeeper, 730 W. Main St.,

Humfleet, Rufus, Salesman, Lois, 904 N. State St.,

Hummel, William O. Waiter, 20 Pierson St.,

Hunt, Arnold, Clerk, Opal, Lawrence, 232 W. Pierson St.,
Hunt, Paul, Laborer, Hilda, Richard, Robert, 725 E. North St.,
Husted, Mrs. Vila L., Housekeeper, Grace, 260 S. Tague St.,

Huston, Charles, Garageman, Bertha, 201 W. South St.,
Hutchison, Willard, Farmer, Melissa, Lawrence B., Charles, 217 W. Main St.,

Hutton, C.S., Garageman, Marie, Ralph, 213 Pratt St.,

Hutton, Mary, Housewife, Max, 537 N. Swope St.,
Hyatt, Frank, Retired, 118 E. Main St., Columbia Hotel,

Hynes, Will, Shoemaker, Susan, 534 N. Wood St.,
Howard, Mrs. Angie, Housewife, 28 ½ W. Main St.,
Howard, Lena, Seamstress, James Donald, 215 E. Douglas St.,


Ingle, Mrs. M. Housewife, 217 Baldwin St.,
Ingle, O.F. Teacher, Sarah, Mary Ann, Olive, 217 Baldwin St.,

Irwing, Mrs. Mary, Printer, 112 N. State St.,



Jacobi, Walter, Mechanic, Cecil, Robert, 526 N. Spring St.,
Jacks, John, Auto Repairs, Ida, 311 S. State St.,
Jackson, Archie, Dispatcher, Mary E., Betty June, 603 E. Main St.,

Jackson, Anna, Teacher, 307 N. Pennsylvania St.,

Jackson and Hinchman, Attorneys, Thayer Bldg., Phones 49-107-21
Jackson, Omer, Attorney, Ellis, 413 N. State St.,
Jackson, Dorothy, Teacher, 413 N. State St.,
Jackson, Conrad, Dairyman, Dorothy, Richard, 207 E. North St.,

Jackson, Edward, Mrs. Gertrude, Cook, Flossie, 114 Pierson St.,
Jackson, Mrs. Gertrude, cook, Flossie, 114 Pierson St.,
Jackson, Hershel, Laborer, 15 Pierson St.,
Jackson, John, Laborer, Hazel, Rex, Dorothy, 834 W. North St.,
Jackson, James, Factory Employee, Madge, James Jr., Robert, Charles, 514 N. East St.,
Jackson, McClellan, Farmer, Nettie, Paul Clark, Jimmy Jackson, 419 S. Pennsylvania St.,
Jackson, Joseph, Watchman, 621 Brook St.,
Jackson, Mrs. O.M., Housekeeper, 229 W. South h St.,
Jackson, Oliver, M. Laborer, Eva, Dale, Richard, Mary, Barbara
Jackson, Oscar, Architect, Martha, Harley, Eloise, 127 N. Pennsylvania St.,
Jarvis, Wesley, Barber, Belle, 19 E. Cemetery St.,

Jeffers, H.H. Retired, Bernice, 304 W. Walnut St.,
Jeffries, L.L. Retired, Zora, Music, 101 N. State St.,

Jeffries, Virgil, Mail Carrier, Mildred, Janies, Evelyn, 528 N. East St.,
Johnson, Elmer, Printer, Nellie, George M. 222 Pierson St.,
Johnson, Frank, Printer, Judith, Louise Parish, 238 W. South St.,
Johnson, Gerald, Laborer, Freda, Robert, 613 E. South St.,

Johnson, Harry, Laborer, 419 S. Pennsylvania St.,
Johnson, Homer, Laborer, 127 Meek St.,

Johnson, Hugh E. Ins. Theodosia, Charlotte, Alberta, 321 N. State St.,

Johnson, Mrs. J.A. 108 riley Ave.,
Johnson, P. Laborer, Bertha, Raymond, 608 fifth St.,
Johnson, William, Laborer, Dora, 948 W. North St.,
Johnson, Zelma, Housekeeper, Flora, 106 W. South St.,
Jones, Clarence, Laborer, 302 N. State St.,
Jones, Earl, Truckman, Montreae, Ernest, Hendricks, 203 E. Douglas St.,
Jones, Laura, B. Housekeeper, Annabelle, Huffman, 614 N. Swope St.,
Mary Jane Jones Beauty Shoppe, Phone 83, 5 N. Mount St.,
Jones, Mary Jane, Beautician, 302 N. State St.,
Jones, Paul, Laborer, Loretta, Gertrude, William, Hershel, 417 W. Sixth St.,

Jones, Scott, Ticket Agent, Cynthia, 204 Lincoln St.,
Jones, William V. Ins. Marjorie E. James, William, John, Martha, 25 Osage St.,
Judkins, Clar, Retired, 326 ½ E. Main St.,
Julian, Mrs. Mary, Housekeeper, Ora, 121 School St.,
Jordan, Pearl, Nurse, 921 W. North St.,
Justice, Emma, Housewife, 615 N. State St.,
Justice, Lee F., Salesman, Ola, 209 Meek St.,


Kassen, Samuel, Salesman, Elberta, Mary, 607 N. Spring
Keaton, E.T. Salesman, Ella, 208 S. State St.,
Keller, Frank, Laborer, Euphamie, Loren, 503 N. Broadway

Keller, J. L., Decorator, 219 N. Pennsylvania St.,
Keller, Norman R., Salesman, Mary, Beverly, Jane, 219 N. Pennsylvania St.,
Kelly, Mrs. Hazel, Waitress, James Walters , 19 ½ W. Main St.,
Kemerly, Harvey R. Mail Carrier, Nellie, Joan, 329 N. Wood St.,
Kemerly, Ozrow, Minister, Pearl, Virginia, 107 W. North St.,
Kennedy, Roy, Laborer, Ethel, 330 N. Wood St.,
Kerrick, C.M. Retired, Margaret, 619 N. East St.,
Kimmick, Bert, Plasterer, Cleyl, Alberta, Elizabet6h, 1009 W. North
Kinder, Harry, Repairman, Lillie, Inez, 231 W. Fourth St.,
Kinder, C.E. Garageman, 11 ½ E. Main St.,
Kinder's Garage, Automobile Parts, Phone 27, 111-117 e. Main St.,
Kinder, Jack, Restaurant, Lizzie, 417 Riley Ave.,
Kinder, Ovid, Retired, 706 E. Main St.,
Kinder, William H. Bookbinder, Mary A., 307 E. Main St.,
King, Ferey, Student, 742 N. Spring St.,
King, James, Student 742 N. Spring St.,
King, Irene, Student, 742 N. Spring St.,
Kineley, May, Housekeeper, 1015 W. North St.,
Kinnaman, Claude, Salesman, Nellie, Thelma, Dorothy, 325 E. North St.,
Kinnaman, Dr. R.E., Physician, Irma, Bobby, 204 W. North St.,
Kinsley, Mrs. M.F. Housekeeper, Nelle, Francis, 218 S. State St.,
Kiphart, Archie, Laborer, Pearl, 513 S. State St.,
Kirk, Arnold, Carpenter, Cordelia, Violet, Alice, Omar, 325 W. Main St.,
Kirkpatrick, A.S. Contractor, Hattie, Freda, Fern, Mary, 315 E. Main St.,
Kirkpatrick, C.M. Contractor, Susan, 118 N. Wood St.
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Flo, Housekeeper, 108 Riley Ave.,
Kirkpatrick, Wendell, Laborer, 710 W. Main St.,
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. William, Housekeeper, 222 Lincoln St.,
Kirkpatrick, William, Justice of the Peace, 222 Lincoln St.,
Kliman, Armond, Laborer, Edna, 434 W. Fifth St.,
Knox, Carl, Brakeman, Mary J. 623 S. State St.,
Knight, Mrs. J.P. Housekeeper, Pearl, 604 E. Main St.,
Knight, Mrs. Mary, Housekeeper, Ira, 213 W. South St.,
Knight, Moses, Grocer, Sarah E., 549 N. Wood
Koin, Harry, Merchant, Doris, 203 N. Pennsylvania St.,
Koin, Simon S., Merchant, Enna, 118 N. State St.,

Koin, Walter C., Teacher, Marjorie, 118 Broadway
Kuhn, Harry, Carpenter, Goldie, Milma, 111 Grant St.,
Kuntz, Mrs. Eveline J., Housekeeper, 316 Douglas St.,


Lacy, Clarence M. electrician, Edna, Carl, Paul, Clarence, 215 S. State
Lacy, Mrs. Cora, Housewife, 432 N. Wood St.,
Lacy, George W. Retired, Mary, 228 E. Main St.,
Lafollette, Pete, Laborer, Mary, 235 Mill St.,
Lake, Boyd J. Agent Standard Oil, Lucille, Ellis, Louise, Jean, 604 E. Main St.,
Lamb, Charles, Clerk, 404 S. State St.,
Lamb Ella, Housewife, 421 W. Fourth St.,
Lamb, Henry, Baker, Mary, James, 109  Tague St.,
Lamb, John H. Shoe Store Manager, Esta, Carolyn, 704 W. Fourth

Lamb, Luther, Engineer, Carrie, Owilge, Lloyd, May, Carl, Ira, 501 S. Pennsylvania St.,

Lamb, Ruby, Housekeeper, 325 Walnut St.,
Lambert, Vergil, Fireman, Marie, Charles, 17 E. Cemetery St.,
Lane, John, Shipping Clerk, Hazel, Evelyn, Joe Ann 509 N. School St.,
Lanning, Robert, Mechanic, Dessa, 238 Fourth St.,
Larbee, Mrs. N., Housekeeper, 833 W. Main St.,
Larrabee, Lewis, N. Laborer, Ora A., 327 S. State St.,
Larson, Mrs. Minnie, Housekeeper, 447 W. Osage St.,
Landuer, J.B. Retired, 608 N. State St.,
Lawson, S.D. Paperhanger, Lizzie, 316 E. South St.,
Leaman, Mrs. Gertie G., Housekeeper, Virginia, 208 E. North St.,
Leaman, Harold, Factory Employee, Geneva, Phillip, William, J. Lynn, 730 W. North St.,
Lee, Edward B. Clerk, Lotta, 221 W. Main St.,
LeMay, Guy, Laborer, Emma, 604 N. Wood St.,
Lewis, Bessie, Maid, 24 Hough St.,
Lewis, George, Railroader, Minnie, 237 W. Fourth St.,
Lewis, Glenn, Clerk, Irene, Eugene, Larry, Jerry, 525 E. Main St.,
Lewis, Mrs. Hattie, 105 N. State St.,
Lewis, Roland, Railroad Clerk, Fannie, 411 E. Main St.,
Limings, Westley, Laborer, Belle, 638 S. State St.,
Linder, Albert, Newspaper Work, Leah, Eugene, 320 N. East St.,
Linder, Harry H. Justice of Peace, Edith G. 24 Grant St.,
Lineback, Frank, Grocer, Florence, Richard, 304 W. Main St.,
Loehr, Arthur M. Laborer, Eldora, Russell, Kathryn, Alberta, Billie, 912 W. Main St.,

Loehr, Mrs. Fannie, Housekeeper, 313 S. East St.,
Loehr, Jacob M., Retired, Mary e., Alma, Thomas, Margie, Clarence Brooks, 514 N. Pratt,
Loehr, John S., Salesman, Pearl, 104 E. North St.,
Lougher, Helen, Steno, Edwin, 322 W, Main St.,
Loudenback, Frank, Plumber, Ethel, Frances, 226 W. South St.,
Lowe, Aldarena R., Butcher, Allie, 609 Wood St.,
Lowe, Mrs. Alice, Woman’s Exchange, 701 N. East St.,
Lowe, Edgar, Retired, Anna, 407 N. State St.,
Lowe, Montezuma, Laborer, Grace, Montezuma, 625 Swope St.,
Lowe, Mrs. Mabel, Teacher, Smith, 401 N. State
Lowe, Willard, Barber, 407 N. State St.,
Lovin, Howard, Laborer, Roxanna, Joan, Patricia
Lowery, Marion, Barber, Glena, Edward, 538 N. State
Loy, Claud, Plasterer, Jean Nancy, 12 Pierson St.,
Loy, Dick, Cleaner, Minnie, 114 S. State St.,
Loy, Granville, Lather, 310 Fourth St.,
Loy, Will, Plasterer, Sadie, 404 S. State St.,
Loyde, Joe, Laborer, 308 S. State St.,
Lucer, Maynard, Service Station, 20 Broadway.
Lyman, Jerry, Laborer, Margaret, 302 East St.,
Lyman, Oscar, Loan Office, Maud, 739 W. North St.,
Lyman, Paul, Salesman, Josephine, 302 East St.,
Lynam Funeral Home, Phone 92, 1 East South St.,
Lyne, William, Printer, Minnie, 224 E. Osage
Lyon, Clyde, Laborer, 513 W. Main St.,
Lyon, Ira E. Laborer, Stella, William, 513 W. Main St.,

Macy, Harrold, Laborer, Nellie, Jean, Ann, 32 Cemetery St.,
Macy, Howard, Baker, 341 W. Fifth St.,
Macy, Joseph, Laborer, 319 Walnut St.,
Macy, Mort, Plasterer, Alma, Betty, Mary, 319 Walnut St.,
Macy, Sarah, Anna, Martha, 625 N. Spring St.,
Mahan, Martha L. Housekeeper, 317 W. South St.,
Main, Clarence, Truckman, Elnora, Kenneth, Juanita, Keith, 608 N. Spring St.,
Manlove, Paul, Laborer, Pauline, Richard Joe, 114 Baldwin,
Mannon, Edward, Barber, Mollie, 741 W. North St.,
Mansfield, Lincoln H. Farmer, Mary, 726 E. North St.,
Martz, Edward, Laborer, Bessie, Raymond Doris, 623 Brook St.,
Martz, Grover, Salesman, Nettie, 524 S. State St.,
Martz, William, Laborer, 623 Brook St.,
Maryman, Georgia, Waitress, Dale, Gerald, 514 Mount St.,
March, Eliza J. Housewife, 529 Swope St.,
Marsh, Mrs. M.L. Housekeeper, 433 Walnut St.,
Martindale, W.W. Farm Manager, Pearl, Fern, Florence Brown, 110 W. Fourth St.,
Martin, John W. Salesman, Odella, 326 N. East St.,
Martin, Mrs. Kate, Teacher, 115 E. North St.,
Martin, Purl, Electrical Engineer, Hazel, Mary, Neva, Lola, Emma, Betty, 401 Riley Ave,
Martin, William, Laborer, 223 S. East St.,
Matthews, C.O. Grocer, Jennie, 529 S. State St.,
McAdams, John, Manager, Discount Corp. Ada, 130 W. Swope St.,
McBaue, Marshall, Blacksmith, Hattie, Lucille, 228 Pierson
McBee, Ray, Laborer, Lucille, Robert, Betty Jean, 216 S. Meek
McCabe, Mike, Retired, Mary, John, Mary, 306 S. State
McConnell, Clell, Railway Clerk, Marie, Jean, Patricia, James, 616 Fourth St.,
McConnell, Victor, Telephone Co., Mabel, 303 N. Pennsylvania
McClarnon, Julia, Teacher, 504 E. Main St.
McClarnon, Florence, Housekeeper, 504 E. Main St.,
McClarnon, Anna A. Student, 504 E. Main St.,
McCole, Walter W., Tailor, Hattie, Elizabeth, Bookkeeper, 528 N. State St.,
McCallough, Walter, Retired, 706 N. Spring St.,
McCord, William A., Manager Warehouse, Aurilla, 413 E. Main St.,
McDaniels, Mr. Retired, 317 Grant St.,
McGuire, Mrs. Wilson, Housekeeper, 318 Lincoln St.,
McGrow, Mrs. Sarah B. Housekeeper, 208 E. North St.,
McHone, Thomas, Laborer, Mary, George Anderson, Aline, 119 Pratt St.,
McKelvey, C.L. Mail Carrier, Lucile, Phillip, 602 N. State St.,
McKelvey, George, Motorman, Elsie, 124 Main St.,
McKenzie, Charles, Stockman, 1038 N. State St.,
McKinsey, Hattie, Housekeeper, Maud, 225 Osage St.,
McKown, Riley, Secretary, Margaret, Phillip, 202 N. State St.,
McKinley, Andrew, Conductor, Pauline, James, Eileen, Robert, 120 N. Pratt St.,
McPherson, Luther, Grocer, Ella Maie, Ralph, Dale, 623 W. Fifth St.,
Meek, Donald, Laborer, Jessie, Richard, 703 W. North St.,
Meek, Harry, Brickmason, Minnie, 501 N. East St.,
Meek, Jerry, Laborer, Fannie, Morris, Charley, Leslie, 413 N. Broadway
Meek, Mrs. Mary L. Housekeeper, 307 W. Main St.,
Meek, Mrs. William, Housewife, 527 E. Main St.,
Meisel, Martha, 419 Wood St.,
Meloy, Dr. J.M. Physician, Ella, Lorene, Hortense, 304 W. North St.,
Melton, Mrs. Alice, Housewife, 17 Pratt St.,
Melton, Leon, Mechanic, Glenna, William, Richard, Jack, James, 17 Pratt St.,
Melten, Julise, Printer, 113 Meek St.,
Mericle, Ethel, Housekeeper, 920 W. North St.,
Merida, Hattie, Housekeep, Thelma, 516 Broadway
Metcalf, Harold, Factory Employee, Katherine, 834 W. Main St.,
Midland, John, Paperhanger, Verdie, 523 N. Broadway
Mikles, Sarah, Housekeeper, 508 S. Mount St.,
Miller, Guy, Dairyman, Ethel, Robert, Marion, Richard, Philip, Billie, Thomas, 124 Pennsylvania
Miller, Jacob, Electrical Engineer, Audrey, 604 N. Spring St.,
Miller, Nathan, Laborer, 302 Douglas St.,
Miliken, Curtin, Interior Decorator, Mrs. Miliken, 420 N. Wood
Millner, Delmar, Laborer, Angie, Virginia, 703 N. Wood
Milroy, Mrs. Martha, Seamstress, 619 N. Swope St.,
Mish, M.A. Gardner, Helen, 505 Noble St.,
Charles A. Mitchell, Attorney, Koin Bldg., Room 8, Phone 208
Mitchell, Charles, Attorney, Estella, Phyliss, Margaret, Charles Jr. 510 E. North St.,
Mitchell, Eliza, 15 W. School
Mitchell, Fannie, 15 W. South St.,
Mitchell, Richard, 15 W. South St.,
Mitchell, John Jr., Printer, Elsie, Jean, 225 W. Main St.,
Mitchell, John F. Sr., Printer, Minnie, 422 W. Main St.,
Moran, James, Blacksmith, Mary, Lillian, 225 E. Douglas St.,
Moncrief, Milo, Grocer, Pauline, Robert, 221 Noble St.,
O.H. Monger and Son, Ford Dealers, Phone 377, 25 N. State St..
Monger, Herbert, Auto Dealer, Naomi, 521 E. Main St.,
Monger, Oliver, H. Auto Dealer, Alice, 326 E. North St.,
Montgomery, Floyd, Garageman, Freda, 704 E. North St.,
Moore, Arthur C. Salesman, Florence, Stewart, Virginia, 117 Grant St.,
Moore, C.A. Carpenter, Katie A., Charles, Phillip, Esther, Ethel, 510 Broadway
Moore, Ed. L. Farmer, Clara, Mary, 421 W. Main St.,

Moore, Mrs. Mellie, 308 Riley Ave.,
Moore, Raymond, Stock Buyer, Lottie, 222 W. Grove
Moore, Ray H. Grocer, Leota, 531 N. Spring St.,
Moore, William, Laborer, Emma, Robert, 120 Brandywine
Morris, Clarence, Gas Co., Employee, Nova, 431 Swope
Morris, Delmar, Machinist, Lucilla, 411 W. Sixth
Morris, John, Hotel Prop. Rhoda, Ross, 252 W. Walnut
Morris, Mrs. Nancy, Housekeeper, 332 Riley Ave.,
Morris, Press, Laborer, Lucy, Nolan, 410 Noble St.,
Morgan, A. Frank, Retired, Bertha, 716 W. Main St.,
Morrison, John, Retired, 437 W. Fourth St.,
Morrehead, George, Retired, Mattie, 120 Walnut St.,
Mortin, Simon, Salesman, Gaylle, Stella, 110 E. North St.,
Morton, Dr. Dale, Dentist, Elizabeth, Carolyn, James, 250 W. North St.,
Morford, Z.T. Retired, Clara, 230 W. North St.,
Mount, W.B. Salesman, Fannie, Eterling, R. Zoralice, 218 E. North St.,
Moulden, Arthur, Retired, 108 W. South St.,
Moulden, Mabel, Housekeeper, 108 w. South St.,
Moulden, Mrs. Sarah, Housekeeper, 410 W. North St.,
Mulvihill, John, Policeman, Nancy, 129 N. spring St.,

Mulvihill, Robert, Salesman, Marguerite, Marjorie, 312 Grant St.,
Murman, Edith, Housekeeper, Harvey, Curtin, William, 20 Broadway
Murry, Frank, Machinist, Mary, Charlotte, 324 Riley Ave.,
Murphy, B.H. Mechanic, Lottie, 425 W. Fourth St.,
Murphy, Charlotte, Maid, 422 W. Main St.,
Murphy, Josephine, Housekeeper, 210 W. North St.,
Murphy, R.H. Retired, Mary, 622 S. Brook
Myers, Ora, Postmaster, Flo B., 510 N. State St.,
Myers, Walter, Salesman, Myrtle, 310 W. North St.,


Neal, Louis, Laborer, 516 Broadway
Neeley, Russell M. Laborer, Matilda Fern, Murrell, 321 Osage St.,
Neff, Claude, Furrier, Daisy, 1009 W. Main St.,
Nelson, Arthur, Engineer, Edith, 17 Osage St.,
Neumeyer, David, 528 N. East St.,
New, A.L. Ret. Maude E., W. Main St.,
New, Claude, Ins. Helen F. 920 N. State St.,
New, Landon, Gravel Dealer, Grace, Jack, 325 W. Main St.,
New, Paul H. Laborer, Ethel G., Carl G., 230 W. Main St.,
New, Thomas H. Grain Dealer, Elizabeth, Margaret, 704 W. Main St.,
New, Miss Tillie, Housekeeper, 119 North Spring St.,
Newbold, John, Conductor, Pearl, John, William, Richard, 304 N. Pratt
Newhouse, M.L. Farmer, Carrie, 609 N. State
Nicely, Lillie E. Housekeeper, Edith, 322 Broadway
Nigh, John Merchant, Beulah, Norman, 318 Fifth St.,
Nixon, William, Laborer, Goldie, James, Vernie, Sarah, 519 Osage St.,
Nogel, Mrs. Josephine, Housekeeper, 517 Mount St.,
Norford, Edward, Blacksmith, 308 S. Meek

Ogg, Paul, Plumber, Helen, Robert, Richard, Mary, 203 Wood St.,
Ogg, Ross L. Superintendent City Water Co., 203 Wood St.,
Oldham, Horace, Salesman, Aneta, 424 E. Main
Oldham, Mrs. Robert, Housekeeper, 19 Walnut St.,

Onstott, Sam, Printer, Harriett, Richard, Paul, 323 Meek St.,
Orders, Clate, Postal Clerk, Hala, 430 W. North St.,
Orr, C. Bert, Grocer, Cora, 305 N. State St.,
Orr, Mrs. Clara, Housewife, 527 N. State

Orr, Kenneth F., Garageman, Thelma, John, 527 N. State St.,

Outland, Eldon, Laborer, Eva, 239 W. South St.,


Parker, M.C. Retired, 405 E. North St.,
C.E. Parker, Real Estate, Off. Phone 50, Res. Phone 305, Randall Bldg., Rooms 1-2.
Parker, C.E., Real Estate Mary, 325 E. Main St.,
Parker Clint, Auto License Bureau, Hattie, 110 N. Spring St.,
Parker, Evelyn, Steno, 616 E. North St.,
Parker, Mrs. Henrietta, Housekeeper, 423 Mount St.,
Parker, Raymond A., Mail Carrier, Leola, 405 E. North St.,
Parish, Anna E. Housekeeper, 620 N. Swope St.,
Parish, Bert, Barber, Barber, 241 W. South St.,
Parvis, John, Laborer, Lizzie, 616 Lincoln
Partington, Eliezer, Minister, Flora, Margaret, Ralph, Betty, Walter, Esther, 19 Wood St.,
Pasco Funeral Home, 312 E. Main St.,, Phone 37
Pasco, John, Mortician, Flossie, Kathryn, Marilyn, 322 Grant St.
Pasco, John F., Mortician, Ora H. Jane, Thayer, Chares, 433 W. Main St.,
Patrick, James, Laborer, Sadie, 321 W. Pierson
Pauley, Albert c., Mail Carrier, Dora E. Betty, 515 E. Main St.,
Pauley, William B., Carpenter, Ada, Harry B. 612 N. Wood St.,
Peck, Joseph, Music Teacher, Maggie, 301 S. State St.,
Pellam, A, J. Laborer, 110 Brandywine
Pennington, J.H., Salesman, Borgia, 103 Walnut St.,
Peters, John, Bailiff, 118 E. Main St., Columbia Hotel

Pettere, Lilly, Housekeeper, 326 Baldwin
Pleiffer, L.P. Minister, Martha, 312 N. State St.,
Phelan, Henry, Bookkeeper, Alice, 726 W. Main St.,
Phillips, Alta, Housekeeper, 330 Baldwin St.,
Phillips, Mrs. Alta, Housekeeper, 631 N. Spring St.,
Pickett, Donald J. Bank, Ina B. Frances L. Donald, Jr. 329 N. Wood
Pickett Hardware Co., 10 W. Main St., Phone 85
Pickett, Manohn M., Clerk, Carolyn, Elizabeth, Robert M, Edward E., 431 N. State St.,
Pickett, Roy, Hardware Store, Marie, Richard, Barbara, 205 Grant St.,
Pierson, A.E. Photographer, 9 E. Main St., Phone 696
Pierson, A.E. Photographer, Amelia, 9 E. South St.,
Pierson, W.A. Retired, Lillie, 325 W. Main St.,
Piper, Miss Valiria, Housekeeper, 211 E. Osage St.,
Pogue, James M. Teacher, Mary e., 630 N. Wood St.,
Polley, Ora, Insurance, Nellie, Mary, Robert,605 E. South St.,
Ponsler, M.M., Motorman, Fannie, Fred, 834 N. State St.,
Powell, Harold, Teacher, Inez, 15 ½ Wood St.,
Powers, Harry, Carpenter, Pearl, Mary, 431 N. East St.,
Powers, Miss Mary, Proof Reader, 417 E. North St.,
Pratt, Edward W., Real Estate, Dora O., 411 W. North St.,
Pratt, Emery, Retired, Mary, 124 Pennsylvania St.,
Pratt, Vica, Housekeeper, 114 Fifth St.,
Prescher, Chares, Truckman, Anna, 309 Noble St.,
Pryor, Paul, Laborer, Minnie, Paul, Charles, George, 103 Osage St.,
Puckett, Odis, Laborer, Vivian, Mary, Margaret, 219 Fifth St.,
Purvis, John, Fireman, Arietta, Ross Edward, 17 W, Pennsylvania St.,
Quickley, M.C., Retired, Mary, Louise, 309 E. North St.
Rafferty, Charles, Laborer, Alma, 414 N. Wood St.,
Rafferty, L.O., Insurance Pearl, Wallace, Louis, 208 Baldwin St.,
Rafferty, W.A., Salesman, Laura M., William Dale, 707 N. State St.,
Rariden, Dr. L.B. Physician, Hazel, Mary Louise, 502 N. State St.,
Rash, John T., Insurance Ruby, 133 N. East St.,
Rash, Sterling B. Lunch Room, Anna B. Caryl A. 735 W. North St.,
Reams, H.A., Truckman, Marie, Marie, 34 W. Fourth St.,
Reams, Robert, Laborer, Aletha, Bertha, Mildred, 119 N. East St.,
Reasoner, Haney E., Postal Clerk, Crystal, harry, Jr. Joanne, 422 W. Walnut St.,
Reasoner, Mack, Salesman, Genevieve, 211 S. State St.,
Redding, Pressel, Manager, Boston Store, Bessie, 711 N. State
Reed, Daniel, Laborer, Linie, Lena, Rena, 410 W. Fourth St.,
Reed, James, Attorney, Anna, 18 Riley Ave.,
Reed, Margaret, Teacher, 320 W. North St.,
Reed, Minnie, Teacher, 320 W. North St.,
Reed, Pearl, Laborer, 410 W. North St.,
Reese, William, 428 W. Main St.,
Reeves, Delbert, Laborer, Dorothy, Joan, 416 W. Fourth St.,
Reeves, Elijah, Laborer, Ruth, Mary Lou, 801 N. East St.,
Reeves, Elam, Post Office employee, 637 Brook St.,
Reeves, James, 637 Brook St.,
Reeves, Freeman, Freeman, Laborer, Mabel, 737 N. Spring St.,
Reeves, Mrs. Hattie, Housekeeper, 315 Lincoln St.,
Reeves, Jesse, Bank Teller, Anna E. 427 Riley Ave.,
Reeves, Julia E., Housekeeper, 101 N. State St.,
Reeves, Ray, Laborer, Zelma, 420 S. State St.
Reeves, Robert F. Attorney, Koin Bldg., Office Phone 208, Res. 293
Reeves, Robert, Attorney, Louise, 710 N. Spring St.,
Reeves, William R., Retired, Mary J. 801 N. East St.,
Rettig, George, Engineer, Clara, Mary Jo, George Jr., Elizabeth, Catherine, John, Frances, 219 Lincoln St.,
Rettig, Otto, Retired, Elizabeth, 313 Grant St.,
Rhea, Mrs. Rosa, Housekeeper, 127 N. Pennsylvania
Rhoda, Mrs. Rose, Housekeeper, Chris, Mary, 638 S. Brook
Rhody, Charles, Laborer, Jessie, Noble, Jessie, Carl, Harry, Gale, Gaynol, 501 Osage St.,
Rhoadarmer, Frank, Laborer, Maud, Elizabeth, Helen 230 W. South St.,
Rhue, Harvey, Ice and Fuel Co., Eva, Sarah, 316 E. North St.,
Rhue, Sarah C., Housekeeper, 322 N. Wood St.,
Rhue, Ward, Salesman, 322 N. Wood St.,
Rhyman, Frank, Funeral Director, Rose L. 1 E. South St.,
Rider, James C., Lumberman, Josephine, James C. Jr., 314 W. Main St.,
Ridland, E., Barber, Lydia, 110 Osage St.,
Richey, Ezra, Laborer, Minnie, 219 Grove St.,
Richey, Oliver T., Custodian, Myrtie, 608 N. Wood St.
Richey, Perl R., Oil Dealer, Hazel, Corsettier, Dale, Gene, 618 N. Spring St.,
Richey, Richard, Laborer, Mary, Mary, Mildred, 418 S. State St.,
Richey, Thomas, Gardener, Sophronia, 547 Pratt St.,
Richey, Theodore, Salesman, Luna, Frances, Norma, 208 S. State St.,
Ricks, Orla, Foreman, Willa, Mildred, Reba, Kathrynm, Mary, Donald, 428 Riley
Rigdon, Kenneth, Laborer, 214 Baldwin
Rihm, Fred, Butcher, Carrie, Norbert, Narvin, Rhusche, 232 E. Main St.,
Riley, Mrs. Julia W., Custodian, 250 W. Main St.,
Rinder, Pearl, Housekeeper, 616 E. North St.,
Robb, Elden A., Attorney, Polly, 330 N. East St.,
Robb, William, Retired, Rachel, 120 Grant St.,
Roberts, Aubrey L. Salesman, 710 W. Main St.,
Roberts, Claude, Laborer,  Winifred, R.R. No. 5, N. State
Roberts, Mrs. Irma, Seamstress, 701 N. State St.,
Roberts, Harry, Gardener, Ethel, Dale Glen, 625 N. Wood St.,
Roberts, John W., Insurance, Mary 725 W. Main St.,
Roberts, Mrs. May, Housekeeper, 626 S. Wood St.,
Roberts, Reason, Retired, 725 W. Main St.,
Roberts, William E., Conductor, Opal, Harrol, 802 E. Main St.,
Roberts, Mrs., Housekeeper, 52 School St.,
Robbins, Steve, Electrician, Ellen, Frank, Ruth, Robert, Benjamin, 618 N. Wood St.,
Robinson, Mrs. C., Nurse, 622 Lincoln St.,
Rock, Carl S., Salesman, Nellie S., 317 W. Main St.,
Rock, E.P., Grocer, Rosalie, Dorcas, Pauline, 304 Lincoln St.,
Rogus, Vanitta, Steno, 325 E. Main St.,
Roland, Oscar F., Fruit Tree Dealer, Charity, 119 S. East St.,
Romack, C.K., Mail Carrier, Lula, Howard, 103 E. South St.,
Rose, Mrs. Fred, Housekeeper, Fred, 122 N. Spring St.,
Rottman, A.H. Merchant, Mae, 212 W. South St.,
Roudebush, Roy R., Teacher, Clara, Edith, Alice, 320 N. State St.,

Ruffner, A.C. Retired, 216 S. Meek St.,
Ruggles, Frank, Retired, 118 E. Main St., Columbia Hotel,
Ruggles, Omer, Bus Driver, Opal, Lois, Russel, Lorraine, Betty, Jane, 432 N. Wood St.,
Rumler, Mary, Housekeeper, 111 E. North St.,
Russell, Kenton W., Newspaper Agent, Mary L. Jane, 419 N. State St.,
Rutledge, George, Laborer, 741 S. State St.,
Rutledge, J.C., Laborer, Louise, William, Charles, 741 S. State St.,
Rutledge, Otis E., Hotel Clerk, Charlotte, 322 W. Main St.,
Ryan, Alice, Housekeeper, 937 W. North St.,
Ryan, Mrs. Margaret, Housewife, 111 N. Spring St.,
Rynholden, Otis, Laborer, Electa, 625 Wilson St.,
Ryse, Francis, Telephone Operator, 431 Swope St.,

Saint, Mrs. Cora Williams, Housekeeper, 417 e. Main St.,
Sample, Earl, Laborer, Fannie Louise, Joseph, 604 N. Pratt St.,
Sample, J.E. Reti9red, Alice Howard, 202 Grant St.,
Sample, Mrs. Roxie, Housekeeper, 520 N. East St.,
Sample, Miss Louise, Steno, 520 N. East St.,
Sanders, Charles E. Laborer, Loretta, 929 W. North St.,
Sanders, Eli, Truck Driver, Chester, Clyde, Carl, 715 W. Fourth St.,
Sanford, I., Laborer, Bessie, 638 W. North St.,

Sapp, George, Laborer, Gladys, Virginia, Geneva, 408 Broadway
Sawless, J.C. Dairyman, Bernice, Georgia, Garnet, Eleanor, 110 Douglas St.,
Saylor, James, Salesman, Adalyn, Billy, 103 Wood St.,
Mrs. Schneider's Café, Lunch Room and Café, Phone 400, 17 W. Main St.,
Straight, N.M., Laborer, Nellie, 202 Noble St.,
Scott, Frank, Manager Gas Office, Beryl, Robert, Billy, 303 Lincoln,
Scott, Frank, Garageman, Cophane, 608 Fourth St.,
Scott, Herbert, Waiter, 14 ½ S. State St.,
Scott, Jerry, Clara, Virginia Ewing, 321 N. Pratt,
Scott, John A. Carpenter, 530 N. Wood St.,
Scott, Ora, Service Station Attendant, 129 Wood St.,
Scott, R.A., Broker, Helen J., Ralph, 403 W. North St.,
Scott, Walter, Laborer, Nancy, Earl 119 N. Howard St.,
Scott, William, Inspector, Rosa, Dorothy 319 Wood St.,
Scott, William W. Painter, Asenth, Madge, 614 Fifth St.,
Sears, Milo, Laborer, Pearl, Clifford, Robert, 245 W. Fourth St.,
Sebastian, Robert, Laborer, Mildred, Robert, 217 N. Broadway
Service W.A., Clerk, Ella M. 410 W. Main St.,
Setton, William, Laborer, Dora, Hazel Woost, Billy Woost, Marie Setton, 322 E. North St.,
Seward, Frank, Laborer, Nellie, Charlotte, Mildred, Pearl, Audrey, Bobby, 105 W. Osage St.,
Seward, George L. Plumber, Bertha, 901 W. North St.,
Seward, Jesse, Barber, Vera, 215 Grant St.,
Seward, John, Laborer, 105 W. Osage St.,
Sexson, Earl, Stockman, Maggie, 916 N. State St.,
Shackle, Alphonso, Salesman, Marie, Ruthalys, Wallace, 14 Grant St.,

Shackle, Delmar, Electrician, Fay, Connie, 304 E. North St.,
Shackle, Dougle E., Salesman, Hazel, 223 W. Main St.,
Shackle, Joe, Merchant, Mrs. S., Cleva, Beulah, 830 W. North St.,
Shackle, Mrs. J.J. Housekeeper, 519 N. East St.,
Shadley, Madison, Teacher Elva 321 Noble St.,
Shafer, Eugene, Grocer, Ethel, Thelma, Max, Mary Ellen, Chester, 620 N. East St.,
Sharp, Charles, Creamery, 216 W. Main St.,
Sharp, C.E. Veterinarian, Martha, Mary, Dorothy, Charles Jr. 243 W. North St.,
Sharp, George A., Manufacturing, May, 20 Riley Ave.,
Shaw, Charles G. Clerk, Leila, Betty, 861 W. Main St.,
Shelby, Clarence, Engineer, Lora M. 401 Swope St.,
Shelby, Harry, Treasurer, Elizabeth, George, 614 N. East St.,
Shelby, Herbert, Laborer, Clara, 701 Swope St.,
Shelby, Millard, Fireman, Hannora, Tyner, Ruth, 226 Tague St.,
Shelby, Rachel, Housekeeper, 632 ½ S. State
Shelby, S.N. Housekeeper, Mary Dazey, Helen Dazey, Ethel Dazey, 306 Grant St.,
Shelton, Florence, Steno, 413 Wood St.,
Shelton, Sirmilda C. Housewife, 413 Wood St.,
Shepler, Virgil, Mechanic, Maude, Betty, 107 Pratt St.,
Sheriley, Roy, Laborer, 23 S. Swope St.,
Sherry, Mrs. Eliza, Housekeeper, Fanny, 12 Walnut St.,
Shinn, Tracie, Hammerman, Ruby, Laura, Louise, Dorothy, Betty, 622 Lincoln St.,
Shinn, Otto, Laborer, Nancy, Joe, 101 Cemetery
Shideler, B.L. Contractor, Edna, 212 W. Walnut St.,
Shields, Ewing, contractor, Rachel, Shirleyann Ewing III, 23 Wood St.,
Shirley, LeRoy, Laborer, Ethel, Edward, Clara, Mary, 23 S. Swope
Shively, Jesse, Creamery, Katherine, Gerald, Harold, Robert, Leonard, Richard. 111 W. South St.,
Short, John, Retired, 602 N. State St.,
Shumway, Mrs. Clara, Housewife, 326 S. Pennsylvania

Shumway, William, Carpenter, Susan, Helen, Donald, 604 N. East St.,
Silverthorn, Lloyd, Operator, Cordelia, June, Virginia, Lloyd, Jr. 832 W. Fifth St.,
Sink, Chester A. Teacher, M. Jane, Lafayette, 104 Broadway
Sipe, Charles, Laborer, Ida, Charles, Rosanna, Gladys, 217 E. Osage St.,
Sipe, J.L. Retired, Margaret, 312 Meek St.,
Sipe, Miss Minnie, Nurse, 111 N. Spring St.,
Sisson, Mrs. E.R., Housekeeper, Nancy, Sarah, 222 W. Main St.,
Skates, Howard, Laborer, Ethel, 124S. East St.,
Slack, Lydia, Laborer, Samuel, 205 Mill St.,
Slagle, Rev. J.F. Minister, Martha, Howard, Robert, 231 Walnut St.,
Sleeth, Grace, Nurse, 430 W, North St.,
Sleeth, John, Laborer, Elsie, 222 W. South St.,
Slifer, Clara, Housework, 432 N. Pratt St.,
Slifer, G.E. Laborer, Hattie, 113 Meet
Sliper, John, Laborer, 23 S. Swope
Smelser, Edward, Laborer, Eva, Audrey, 319 W. South St.,
Smith, A.V. Bus Driver, Mrs. Smith, George, Junior, 709 N. State St.,
Smith, Charles, F., Bookkeeper, Effie, 430 N. State St.,

Smith, Mrs. Cora, Housekeeper, Roy, Myrtle, 215 Noble St.,
Smith, Emery, Laborer, 109 Fourth St.,
Smith, Harry, Laborer, Letha, 210 S. State St.,
Smith, Hays, Carpenter and Painter, Evaline, 22 Vine St.,
Smith, J. Charlton, Sign Painter, 430 BN. State St.,
Smith, J. Harvey, Salesman, Gertrude, 216 W. Fourth St.,
Smith, J.JH. Paper hanger, Mrs. H.R., 1104 W. North St.,
Smith, Mrs. Julia, Housekeeper, 453 W. Osage St.,
Smith, Mrs. Mary J. Housekeeper, 203 WE. Osage St.,
Smith  M.T. Retired, Frankie, 527 N. East St.,
Smith, Otis, Laborer, Laura, 712 N. East St.,
Smith, Ray, Salesman, Bertha, 308 Baldwin St.,
Smith, Robert H. Laborer, Mae, Willie, 314 S. East St.,
Smith, Rose, Housekeeper, 308 Baldwin|
Smith, Z.M. Superintendent of Schools, Grace, Glenn, Patty Lou, 108 N. State
Snick, O.D. Auditor, Lula, Alma George, 938 W. North
Snider, J.G. Hotel Property, Nora, 722 W. North
Snodgrass, Carl, Garageman, Lena, 625 N. East St.,
Snodgrass, Glenn, Garageman, 707 N. Spring
Snodgrass, Mrs. Lena, 117 N. East St.,
Solotkin, Sam, Merchant, Lillian, Billie, 430 W. North St.,
Solotkin and Son, Furniture, Phone 176, 123-125 E. Main St.,
Solotkin, Simon, Merchant, Minnie, Ida, 305 E. North St.,
Sonder, Count, Creamery, Oleoa, Russell, Wayne, 804 N. State

Spangler, William, Contractor, Caroline, Robert, 130 N. East St.,
Spencer, Alfred, Laborer, Mandy, Sam, Alonzo, 515 S. Pennsylvania

Spencer, Dale, Printer, Dorothy, Richard, Phyllis, Dorothy, 22 Pennsylvania St.,
Spencer, Frank, Plumber, Ruth, Frank, Rondal, June, Majie, Helen, 632 S. Brook St.,
Spencer publishing co., Newspaper, Phone 31, East Main St.,
Spencer, Mrs. V.B. Housekeeper, 22 Pennsylvania

Spilker, Guy, Bookbinder, Selma, Carl, 607 Sixth St.,
Spilker, Walter, Laborer, Marie, 305 Baldwin St.,
Sprague, Elizabeth, Teacher, 430 BN., State St.,
Staley, Mrs. Margaret, Housekeeper, Florence, Jack, 8 Hough St.,
Standard Heating, Plumbing co., Tinners and Plumbers, Phone 211, 15 W. Main St.,
Stanley, Erick, Laborer, 401 Broadway
Stanley, Horace, Laborer, 410 Broadway, Stanley, Horace, Laborer, 410 Broadway

Stanley, Zora, Carpenter, Lula, 418 S. Pennsylvania
Standish, Charles W. Freight Agent, Margaret, 860 W. Main St.,
Stewart, Blanche, Housekeeper, Marshall Hunt, Dorothy Hunt, 902 W. Main St.,
Stewart, William H. Ida, 242 Fifth St.,
Stephens, Elmo, Operator, Dorothy 218 E. South St.

Stephens, Ira, Salesman, Catherine, 216 E. South St.,
Stephens, Mrs. May, Housewife, Luther, Oscar, 211 Wood St.,
Stephens, Sarah, Housekeeper, 722 e. Main St.,
Stephens, Selma, Teacher, 603 E. South St.,

Stephens, Mrs. Elnora, Housekeeper, 603 E. South St.,
Steele, Elvina, Housekeeper, Albert, School St.,
Steele, Sam, Farmer, Jewel, Robert, 330 N. State St.,
Steuver, William, Laborer, Louise, Clara, Alfred, 509 Lincoln St.,
St. Johns, Charles, Factory Employee, 216 W. North St.,
St. John, E.L. Factory Employee, Sylvia, Vera, Charles, Bobby, 216 QW. North St.,
St. John, E. L. Factory Employee, Sylvia, Vera, Charles, Bobby, 216 W. North St.,
Stockdale, Mrs. Margaret Housekeeper, Marietta,320 S. Meek St.,
Strickland, Mrs. Clar, Housekeeper, 107 W. North St.,
Strickland, Mrs. Clar, Housekeeper, 107 W. North St.,

Strickland, Harry, Grocer, Nettie, 604 W. Main St.,
Strickland, Richard, Grocer, Madge, Robert, 202 Fifth St.,
Stringer, Mrs. Henry, Housewife, 203 Wood St.,
Strang, Miss Caroline, Factory Employee, 417 W. Walnut St.,
Strubbe, Edward G., Gravel Dipper, Flossie, Hazel, Ralph, Clara, Ruth, George, 501 N. Pratt St.,
Strahl, Chester, Truckman, Elizabeth, Clyde, 1013 W. Min St.,
Sullivan, Edward, Engineer, Edith, George, 417 S. State St.,
Sullivan, Tom, Cigar Store, Cecile, Marion Lacy, David Lacy, Edward Lacy, Francis Sullivan, 514 N. Wood St.,
Sullivan, W.J. Clerk Dora, Billy, Carl, Rex, 409 S. State St.,
Sumwalt, A.C. Salesman, Hazel, Charles, Mary, 328 Grant St.,
Sutton, Guy, Barber, Cora, 26 Vine St.,
Svendsen, Fred, Baker, Elizabeth, Lois, Lucille, Carl, Billy, 304 Grant St.,
Swain, Bert, Auctioneer, Eunice, Geneva, Charles, Evelyn, Jack, 226 Lincoln St.,

Swaney, T.H. Chiropractor, Blanch 5 ½ W. Main St.

Tague, Mrs. May, Housewife, 227 W. North St.,

Talkington, George, Carpenter, Mrs.
Talkington, Maynard, Eleanor, George, Alten, Mary, Betty 24 Broadway

Taylor, Blanche, L. Antique Shop, Rex, 1004 W. Main St.,
Taylor, B.F. Laborer, Mamie, Wayne 437 W. Fourth St.,
Taylor, Frank, Laborer, Elizabeth, 814 W.. Main St.,

Taylor, Orla, Laborer, Catherine, Deshong, Gladys, Margaret, Francis, 413 N. East St.,
Teel, Mrs. Alice, Laborer, Gladys, Katie, 242 Pierson St.,

Temple, William, Lineman, rose, Louise, 523 Mount St.,

Tharp, William, Salesman, Jessie, 908 W. Main t.,

Thayer, Mrs. E.P. Housekeeper, 124 Main St.,
Thomas, Mrs., Housekeeper, 302 N. State St.,
Thomas, A.M., Music Teacher, Leota, Howard, 315 Walnut

Thomas, Mrs. Alice Housekeeper, 520 N. East St.,
Thomas, Berlin, Druggist, Nelle, John, 115 E. South St.,
Thomas, Donald, Surveyor,  Lucille, 210 W. North St.,
Thomas, Fred E. Druggist, Rhea, Rhea, James H. 726 W. North St.,
Thomas, Fred, M. Grain Dealer,  Ocie B. Lillian, Vivian, 404 N. State St.,
Thomas, Mrs. Laura, Housekeeper, Hiram L. 423 Fifth St.,
Thomas, Mrs. Maude, clerk, Juanita, Billy, 322 W. Osage,

Thomas M. H. Retired, Carrie, 218 N. State St.,

Thomas, Mrs. Susan, Housekeeper, 29 Howard St.,
Thompson, Charles, Retired, 607 Sixth St.,
Thompson, Haze, Cashier, Vance, Ruth, Joseph, 600 N. State St.,
Thompson, Mrs. M. Housekeeper, Idwena, 302 S. Meek

Thompson, Thomas C., Retired, 404 Broadway

Thompson, Mrs. R.W. Housewife, 405 E. North St.,
Thompson, Sarah, Housekeeper, 502 N. Pratt St.,
Thornberry, Mrs. Maid, Housekeeper, Clarence, 423 sixth St.,
Thornton, Edward, Constable, Lilly, 226 s. East St.,
Tice, Marcella, Housekeeper, West Main St.,

Tighe, C. J. Retired, 510 E. Main St.,
Tindall, Charles, L. Lawyer, Esther, Evelyn, Mary Ellen, 617 w. Main St.,
Tindall, Mrs. Mary, Housekeeper, 438 W. Foruth St.,

Tales, Oakley, Baker, Anna, Richard, Joan, 319 Osage St.,
Toliver, John B. Laborer, Anna, 259 Tague St.,
Tolls, Frank, Lunch Stand, Rachel, 322 W. Osage St.,

Toms, Mrs. Elma, Housekeeper, 107 W. North St.,
Tracy, Ralph, lather, Myrtle, Anna Louise, 603 E. North St.,

Trainer, Thomas, Laborer, Emma, 323 Meek St.,
Traiteur, Oscar Van, Laborer, 242 Fifth St.,
Trees, Almer, C., Farmer, 225 E. Douglas St.,
Trees, Earl, Salesman, Myrtle, Herbert, Marion, 621 Swope St.,
Turner, W.A. Telegraph Operator 309 E.. North St.,

Turner, William R. Compositor, Martha, 324 Douglas St.,

Tuttle, Burgess, Mail Carrier, Margaret, Hayden, Margaret, Marion, 404 Broadway

Tuttle, Paul C. Painter, Margaret, Richard, 624 N. Swope St.,
Tweedy, Jess, Laborer, Roy, Betty May, Paul, Edward, 311 W. Fourth St.,

Tweedy, Noble, Truckman, 222 School St.,

Tyner, Miss Bertha, Manager, 212 Grant St.,

Tyner, Clifford, Railway Clerk, Letha, Janet, Virginia, Robert, 256 Fifth St.,

Tyner, Mrs. E.L. Housekeeper, 422 E, Main St.,
Tyner, Edgar, Gas Driller, Rose, 412 Swope St.,
Tyner, Miss Miriam, Manager, 212 Grant St.,
Tyner, Irving, Salesman, Bertha, Mary, 117 Wood St.,

Tyner, Morgan J. Operator, 615 E. North St.

Utterback, H.C. Laborer, Sarah, 17 Howard St.,

Vance, Charles W. Mail Clerk Mary, 532 N. Spring St
Van Duyn, A.C. Circuit Court Judge, Clara, 218 Grant St.,

Van Duyn, Forest, Farmer, Dorothy, Richard, 429 Fifth St.,
Van Duyn, J.A. Salesman, Josie, Opal, Norvia Mae, Rinker, 625 E. Main St.,
Varner, Harry, Café, Blanche, 532 N. Pratt St.,
Varner, Jake, Watchman, 17 Spring St.,

Vaughn, Charles, Laborer, 205 Mill St.,
Vaughn, Jessie, Clerk 110 Grant St.,

Vogle, Raymond, Barber, 114 S. State St.,

Waddell, Clarence A. Machinist, Flossie, Dorothy, 117 S. State St.,

Wagner, E.S. Auto Dealer, Margaret, Billy, Jean, Phillip, 631 N. Spring St.,
Walker, Archie, Conductor, Alpha, 716 E. North St.,

Walker, Bob, Clerk, 704 W. North

Walker, Carl A. Contractor, Gertrude, George, Barbara, 330 N. Pratt St.,
Walker, Charles E. Reporter, Alta, Betty, 226 s. State

Walker, Elmer, Laborer, Nell, Mildred, Frances, 402 Riley Ave.,
Walker, Jess, Painter, Lula, 735 N. Swope St.,

Walker, Jonas P. Attorney, Margaret, 127 N. Spring St.,

Walker, Louise, Housekeeper, 309 Walnut St.,
Walker, Lucille, Steno, 309 Walnut St.,

Walker, Mary B. Housekeeper, 120 S. East St.,
Walker, Rosanna, Factory Employee, 13 ½ S. East St,
Walker, Wood, Merchant, Nelle, Marthena, 21 N. Pennsylvania St.,

Walls, Charles, Truckman, Lucille, 214 Baldwin St.,
Wallsmith, Raymon, Bus Driver, Inez, 304 Fourth St.,
Walsh, David, Retired, Bridget, 417 W. North St.,
Walsh, Laurence, Telegraph Operator, Ada, 242 W. North St.,

Walter, C., Coal Dealer, Alice C. 1028 N. State St.,
Walton, Cary, Retired, Nellie, Jeanette, 332 E. Main St.,
Walton, James, Barber, Cora, 221 E. North St.,
Walton, Mrs.  J.C. Housekeeper, Carlisle, 334 Douglas St.,
Wampner, Victor, Electrician, Catherine, 402 E. North St.,
Ward, Cal, Laborer, Dorothy, 237 W. Osage St.,

Ware, David, Carpenter, Myrtle, 208 School St.,
Ware, W.B. Well Driller, Ione, 529 Wood St.,
Warner, Mrs. D.B. Housewife, Harvey T., 510 E. Main St.,

Warrum, Arthur, Laborer, Pauline, Paul, Granville, Jack, 912 W. North St.,
Warrum, Ernest, Auditor, Fern, Evelyn, 303 W. Walnut St.,
Warrum, Elizabeth, Housekeeper, 429 W. Walnut St.,
Warrum, George, Laborer, Eureka, Madge, 401 N. Broadway,
Watson, Clarence E. Clerk, Mina, Beulah, Melville, Phillip, 702 Fifth St.,

Watson, Reoa, Laborer, Vivian, 702 Fifth St.,

Watson, Donald, Filling Station Attendant, Lindell, Barbara, 211 N. Pennsylvania St.,
Watson, John H. Carpenter, Addie, 742 N. Spring St.,
Watson, Kate, Bookkeeper, 212 W. Main St.,

Watson, Nelson B. Mechanic, Retha, Nelson B. Jr. 844 W. Main St.,

Watson, Noble T. Barber, Edna E. 227 W. North St.,

Watson, Mrs. Rosa, Factory Employee, 412 S. State St,

Watson, Miss Saluda Ann, Nurse, 104 Walnut St.,

Watling, Robert, Baker, Winifred, 254 Fourth St.,

Watts, Dr. Kenneth, Dentist, Mildred, 519 N. State St.,

Watts, W.S. Carpenter, Sarah E., 437 W Fifth St,

Worband, Marion S. 437 Fifth St.,
Weathers, Ella, Teacher, 411W. North St,
Weaver, Mrs. Mary, Housewife, Virginia 17 Spring St.,
Webb, Herbert, Meat Dealer, Maude, Dale, 423 W. Swope St.,
Webb, Perry, Watchman, Dell, Ralph, Mary, Betty Lou, 417 W. Fourth St.,
Webb, Stella, Nurse, 709 N. Wood, 
Webb, W.W. Plasterer, 327 Noble
Weber, Mrs. Anna, Housekeeper, George, 123 W. South St.,
Weber, Lawrence, Salesman, Ida, Belle, 824 W. Main St.,
Weil, Walter H. Lumberman, Eloise, Marjorie Ann, William, 510 W. Main St.,

Weir, Lawrence, Auto Repair, Mary, 3098 E. North St.,
Welborne, Mrs. Alice, Housekeeper, 706 N. Spring St.,
Welsh, Donald, Veterinarian, Helen, Lucille, John, Mary, Helen, 311 E. Douglas

Welter, John L. Laborer, Ida, June, Robert, Omer, James, Martha, Charles, John, 318 Riley Ave.,

West, Cyrus, Laborer, Maxine, Beatrice, 535 Pratt St.,
West, Mrs. Susan, Housekeeper, 210 Lincoln’

Wheeler, Anna E. Housekeeper, Gertrude, 304 Baldwin,

Wheeler, Nathan Motorman, Ora, Verlin, James
Whitaker, Joe, Retired, Mary, 424 S. State St.,
White Mrs. Albert, Housekeeper, 224 E. North St.

White Ella, Housekeeper, 608 E. south St.,

White, Herbert N. Laborer, Claire, herald, Nile 933 W. North St.,
White, James D., Laborer, Doris, Lois,  205 Pratt St.

White Laboratories, Acidophilus Milk, Phone 137, 707 E. Main St.,
White, Stephen, chemist, Barbara, 707 East St.,
White, William R. Laborer, William Jr. Esther Hendren, 241 W. South St.,

Whitsell, Joseph, Interior Decorator, Nelle Martha, 518 N. State St.

Wickard Lawrence, Salesman, Lois, 303 Grant St.,
Wickard, Sarah, V. Housewife, 68 N. State St.,
Wickard, Charles, Laborer, Grace, 414 Riley Ave.,

Wiggins, Cleveland, Laborer, Lora, Kathryn, Era, 502 Riley Ave,

Wiggins, George, Mail Carrier, Mabel, Donald, 810 N. State St.,

Wiggins, Harvey, Laborer, 29 E. Cemetery St.,
Wiggins, Henry, Laborer, Estella, Murray, Donald, Virginia, 415 Wilson St.,

Wiggins, Mrs. Porter, Housewife, 233 E. North St.,

Wiley, J.W. Well-Driller, Della, 948 W. Main St.,
Wilford, Otto, Retired, 118 E. Main St., Columbia Hotel,

Wilkerson, Elmer, Laborer, Margaret Phyllis 303
Wilkins, F.B. Carpenter, 222 E. Main St.,

Wilkinson, G.R. Retired, Laura, 830  W. Main St.,

Willet, Bay, Truckman, Nell, Ellen Louise, 131 Baldwin St.,

Willett, I.M. Retired, Mrs. Willet, 406 W. Fourth St.,
Willet, M.T. Retired, Rosa, 245 Walnut St.,

Williams, Glen, Mechanic, Opal, 832 W. North St.,
Williams, Mrs. Maude, Housewife, 22 Wood St.,
Williams, Mose, Carpenter, Rose, Jessie, 102 Riley Ave.,
Williams, Paul, Factory Employee, Dorothy, 902 W. North St.,
Williamson, Arthur H. Teacher, Grace, Ruth, Mary, James 438 W. Walnut St.,
Williamson, Belle, Housekeeper, 507 s. Pennsylvania St.,
Willis, Miss Jennie, Housekeeper, 822 N. State St.,
Wilson, Charles A. Laborer, Lilly, Helen, Howard, 127 S. East St.,

Wilson, C.E.. Bus Driver, Daisy, Robert, William, 432 W. Fourth St.,
Wilson, Edward, Retired, Nannie, Josephine, 504 W. Main St.,

Wilson, Horace, Laborer, 238 W. Walnut St.,
Wilson, James A. Salesman, Lenna, Roy, Preston A. 422 N. East St.,
Wilson, James T. Inspector, Olive, James, 218 W. Walnut St.,
Wilson, John F. Laborer, Elizabeth, John C. 117 Tague St.,
Wilson, John R. Truckman, Ruby, Robert, Esther, Anna, Betty Jean, Mary Carolyn, 423 Walnut St.,
Wilson, Mrs. O.M. Housekeeper, 111 E. North St.,
Wilson, Roy D. Salesman, 1019 W. North St.,
Winchester, Wilbur F. Retired, 432 N. Swope St.,
Windharst, Mrs. Henry, Housekeeper, 538 N. Spring St.,
Winslow, Addie, Housekeeper, 211 W. main St.,
Winslow, Gill, Contractor, Mary, 503 W. Main St.,
Winslow, Gill, Contractor, Mary, 503 W. Main St.,
Winslow Marshall, County Clerk, Caroline, 416 W. North St.,
Wirts, Mrs. Mary, Housekeeper, 307 Baldwin St.,
Witte, John M. Bus Driver, Eldora, Harold, Dorothy, 126 N. Pratt St.,

Winn, Mary, 250 Fifth St.,
Winn, Wilbur W. Teacher, Lyda, Lucille, 250 Fifth St.,
Wolf, Earl, Coal Dealer, Kate 251 Walnut St.,

Wolf, Fred, Laborer, Clara 438 Fifth St.,

Wolfe, Ed C. Retired, Dora B. Edward, 211 S. State St.,
Wolfe, L.H. Merchant, Myrtle, Ray, Esther, 325 Baldwin,
Wolford, Lewis, Laborer, 216 W. Main St.,
Woman's Exchange, 11 N. East St.,
Lawrence Wood and Son, General Insurance, Phone 212, Thayer Bldg
Wood, Lawrence Insurance, Belle, Irene, 224 N. State St.,

Wood, Ralph, A., Insurance Mary, Patricia, Virginia 624 N. East St.,

Woods, Alva, Salesman, Theodora, 611 e. Main St.,

Woods, Dr. James R., Jr., Doctor, Helen S., 856 Main St.,

Worland, Mrs. Rachel, Housekeeper, Margaret, Pauline, 220 Broadway

Worland, Walter, Laboratory, Florence, Frances, Harry, Walter Jr., Phyllis, Robert, 315 S. Pennsylvania

Wright, E.C. P.O. Employee, Rosa, Helen, 734 N. Swope St., Wright, Elmer, Painter, 330 Baldwin,
Wright, Glenn, Painter, Charlene, 209 E. Douglas,

Wright, Loris, Linotype Operator, Anna, 110 Douglas St.,
Wright, Rose, Housekeeper, 330 Baldwin St.,
Wright, Mrs. Samantha, Housewife, 401 Swope St.,
Wyant, Clarence, Farmer, Eva, Helen, Ralph, 410 Riley St.,
Wyruck, Donald, Truckman, Olive 509 Broadway

Yager, Sherman, Laborer, Anna, Rex, Virginia, Earl, Lester, 231 Mill St.,
Yelton, Charles W, Retired, Elmeda, 402 E. North St.,
Yelton, Elmer G. Laborer, Jessie, 120 S. East St.,

Young, Alfred, Storekeeper, Rosetta Roy, Orpha, 25 E. Cemetery St.,

Zermer, Mrs. Anna, Housekeeper, 112 N. State St.,
Zike, Mrs. Fannie, Housekeeper, Roberta Evans, 110 Grants St.,
Zumwalt, Lempel, Oil Agent, Ruby, Max, 916 W. Main St.,


(Note: I will limit this to occupied premises.  On north-south streets, odd addresses are on the east side of the street and even are on the west side. On east-west streets, odd numbers on the south side and even numbers are on the north side. I will add to the address what kind of business it was so far as I can recall or have heard.  Thomas Williams.)


North State St.:

9 Mannon Barber shop

11 Woods Dr. J.R.

13-15 Post Office

16 Edgar and Kiger

18 Greenfield Discount Corp.

19 E.P. Rock and son, Grocery

20 W. Webb and Son

21 Cox Pool Room
22 S. and W. Barber Shop
25 O. H. Monger and Son Ford Dealership

26 Edson Electrical Shop
28 Bodkin Cigar Store


South State St.,
4 Standard Oil Co. Filling Station. (former site of famous Gooding Tavern.)

14 Court House Restaurant

16 Second Hand Store

20 Greenfield Creamery Co.
22 Frank Laudenback 
24 Gashback and Lambert

102-112 Mitchell Printing Co.


West Main St.,
2-6 New York Store
5 Kroger Grocery Store
7 Eikenberry and Edwards Drugstore
9 Citizens Bank
10 Pickett’s Hardware Co,

11 Matthews Market
12 Harding, E. C.
12 ½ Cockran, Lillian
14 Greenfield Building and Loan
15 Standard Heating and Plumbing Co.
17 Mrs. Schneider’s Café
18 Hawkins-Andis
19 Boling and Binford
19 ½ Brooks, C.A

19 ½ Kelly, Hazel
20 Rileyan Grill
21 Rihm’s Meat Market
22 Carr’s Art Shop
23 Early Drug Store
24 Miller-Jones Jewelry Store
25 Gorman, E. L. Grocery
26 O. and J. Shop
28 Lena Barr’s Millinery Shop
101 Shackle Shoe Shop
102 Barnes, I.H.
103 Kinder’s Restaurant
104 Western Union
105 Greenfield Bakery
105 ½ Carr, alice

105 ½ Frazier, Donald

106 News Stand
107 Frazier’s Pool Room
108 McCole, W.W. Tailor
109-111 Regal Grocery Store
110 Frank Lineback Grocery
112-114 Rottman, A.H. Furniture Store
113 Havens Grocery
117 Curry Barber Shop
118 O.K. Shop
121 A & P Grocery
122 Hoosier Electric Shop
123 Scott Brothers Gas Station
203 Easton Transfer Co.,
205 Davis Brothers
229-233 Chevrolet Garage


East Main St.,

2 A & P Grocery
4 Thomas Drug Store

8 Guthier Inc. Men’s Clothing
10 Greenfield Banking Co.

12 Strickland Grocery
14 Columbia Barber Shop

16 Boots Hatchery
102-104 Star Store
106 National Barber Shop
108 Justus Tailor Shop

111-117 Kinder's Garage
112 Sullivan Cigar Store
112 ½ Kinder, C.E.
116 Columbia Grill

118 Columbia Hotel
121 Conklin Motor Sales
123-125 Solotkin Furniture Store
202 Chandler Hardware

204 C. Bert Orr, Grocery
206 Interurban Meat Market
208 Interurban Restaurant

210 Boyd Cleaners
214 Spencer Publishing Co.
215 Traction Station (Interurban)
216 C.W. Dailey and Sons
219 Highway Service Garage

220 Goodyear Shoe Shop
312 Pasco Funeral Home


North East St.,

12 Bell Press
14 Hutton Garage
20-22 Furry, V.H. Farm Implements
40 Cragin, Frances
100 Woman’s Exchange


South East St.,
3 Kirk Furniture
5 Hamburger Shop
5 ½ Russel Gant
7 Public Service Co.
9 Lowe Barber Shop

11 Riley Theater
11 ½  Gorman, Robert

13 Goble Printing Co.


West North St.,

2-4 Snodgrass Brothers

7-9 G and w. Body Shop

11 Greenfield Fire Station

19 Hudson and Essex Garage

21-23 Howard Holt Garage

24 Public Library


South Pennsylvania St.,

22 Greenfield Laundry

24 Manford Blacksmith
120 Nehi Bottling Co. (flavored soft drinks)
122 Greenfield Cream Co.
204 Gorman Grocery


East South Street

9 Pierson’s Photography Studio